SG Spitz Festival 2017

Quick update!

We attended our first major Japanese Spitz gathering today at Sembawang Park! I’ve always avoided large gatherings of the breed because… this breed just doesn’t mix well together in peace. Hahaha!

Kept a lookout on Cookie like a hawk throughout, and kept him on leash most of the time. Glad I did. Because we did encounter a couple of active unleashed dogs intruding Cookie’s personal space and comfort zone too much. So it was much easier for me to control.

Anyway, this was a second date of the gathering as the weather didn’t cooperate on the original date. There were rain too this morning before the gathering. But glad it turned out fine just in time!


A photo with the banner! Such an effort to have one!

However, as expected of the anti-social Cookie, all he wants to do is to sniff the areas and mark around.


Sniffing everywhere! How about sniffing out some treasures for me so I can buy you more treats? 😛


“Hahahaha. How about sniffing them out yourself!”


“Here’s some fresh gold coming up for you!”

Good place to do his business. Right infront of the bin! And yes, please keep the park clean! Clear up your litters and pick up the poops!


Back to sniffing….


Happy boy! Overall, the space is great for the turnouts. Not crowded at all.


A random spitz buddy running towards me!

After awhile, Kanon and Cudtlez reached! Yay! It has been a long time since we met!P1190162P1190169P1190171

All the same faces from tired dogs 😛

Surprised there’s an actual photobooth set up! There’s props too!


And a mini and simple agility setup. P1190182P1190185P1190188P1190190

Cookie did it! Not bad, boy!

There’s also lucky draw and obedience contest.

I was quite upset over a remark made during the contest.
Dogs are required to stay inside a hulahoop for a min with distractions such as toys and foods prepared by the organiser for the first round. And those that could last for a min, make it to the second round.

Cookie managed to last 26 seconds. Oops. Cause I got distracted when the organiser took out Purina treat and place it right infront of his face. Worried he’ll eat it, I told the organiser not to let him eat it as I don’t feed that rubbish brand. That’s when his paws came out of the hoop.

Next was a fellow spitz friend’s turn and I asked the organiser if the owner can feed her own treats as reward while the dog is remaining inside the hoop. He said yes, so the owner started rewarding. That’s when another organiser came over and said loudly & sacarstically “huh, how can feed like this. If feed like that, my dog also can stay inside for 1 hour”

I don’t think that was something pleasant to say, especially infront of the dog owner. And especially when the in-charge of the contest there said it was ok. #oversensitivedogownerhere

I also thought bigger sizes spitz were at disadvantage there as the hoop was a pretty small size one, and it’s a fixed size. So a smaller dog definitely have more room to fidget and move around with the distractions and temptations. Maybe something like staying behind a line with distractions placed infront of the line would have been better. But hey, it’s just a friendly and fun contest to entertain everyone so guess it doesn’t matter too much 😛

Camera was low in battery after that so no photos! We managed to stay till the event ended. Good job!


Guess whose the tallest in the group photo! 😛
Credit to fluffy_spitz

Before leaving, goodie bags were given to everyone.

Here’s a peak!


Look at that kpo boy.

Overall, we had a great time, Cookie did prettyyyyy well, I would say.

Thank you organisers for making the effort and time to make this gathering happen!


A White Christmas Party

What happens when you put a couple of very ‘on’ ladies together? You get a Christmas Party coming your way in less than a month of organizing. Hahaha!

We planned “A White Christmas” party along with Sam Forest Loo Lim, Vanillapup and iscreambailey and we had fun!



Look who is ready for the party! Managed to find a cheap costume for him on the very last minute!


Not ready! And look who photobombed!




Goodie bag with really nice stuffs inside! Head down to see what’s inside the bag!


Are you ready for the foods? Because we are!


For the humans! There’s still more!


For the dogs!


I heard all the guests headed for the dog foods first instead of the humans’ one. Truly awesome dog owners! 😛


So many stuffs! So glad we have many positive feedbacks about the contents. Nothing beats receiving really useful and awesome goodie bag!

Sorry that I do not have photos of the lucky draw session! But we had many prizes that over half of the guests got to go home with something! Sorry if any of the guests didn’t win anything, but I hope the foods and goodie bag made up for it!

Did you know our grand prize was a Regent Hotel stay? And @mangothesheltie won it! Came timely as his mommy’s birthday is coming!

The party wouldn’t have been a successful one if not for our sponsors!



Thankful to all the sponsors for sponsoring the prizes for lucky draw and goodie bags! Special thanks to Ah B Cafe for letting us host the party there, and the extra efforts with the preparation of all the foods! And many many thanks to Skippy the RoboDog for helping us so so so much!


Here’s a couple of photos from @mangothesheltie!


Also, thank you @mangothesheltie and @codybanksthesheltie for helping me to take photos and taking care of Cookie for me throughout the party!


Managed to take a photo at the photobooth after the party ended!


Lastly, thank you Keying, Sarah and Jamie for all the work and effort done for bringing this party together!

[Photos from my camera are all taken by Mango The Sheltie, @codybanksthesheltie and me]

For more photos, you can visit Mango The Sheltie’s album, Sam Forest Loo Lim’s post or Vanillapup’s post about the party! Check out #awhitechristmasparty in Instagram too!

Kohepets – Online Pet Shop Review

Last month, we received an email from Kohepets asking if we’re interested in reviewing their online retail store. So here’s one! Perhaps, in time for some Christmas Shopping?


If you’re active in the pets world social medias, it’s quite impossible to have not heard about Kohepets as they have been around since 2011, and is one of the most well known online retail store around.

I love their website too! It totally fits in their nature of business. Looking so cute and neat instead of the general websites that have a more ‘professional’ colours and layout.


Everything is so accessible, basically able to navigate almost everywhere from just one page. Instead of linking here and there just to get to a product that you want to view. Being the lazy one, I approve!

While the webpage is good, the service is very important too. One thing about online business is you cannot be there in person to serve the customer. As such, you have to rely on your replies and messages to show your friendliness since you cannot smile in front of the computer and expect the customers to see that right? 😛

Ursula totally nailed that. For one, she replies really fast and doesn’t make me feel like she was rushing the replies. Especially when we have some problems with the order.

Kohepets offered us some credits for their store and here’s what we chose!


Oops! Just realised they are all almost in blue 😛

Ursula gave an extra service, promising to try and source for anything that I wanted to get but is not available in their store. And she did! I was pretty interested in the Freedom Harness so I told her about it. She immediately went to approach the distributor and kept me updated on the progress.

I asked for recommendation on a retractable leash as well, as I have not use any before. I’m planning on using it for training purposes such as recall training, not for normal walks. And Ursula was able to recommend me something too! Love such services because I always cannot decide on something. My favorite question for shopping, even on foods: “which one would you recommend?” I think anyone that serves me will hate me. Hahaha!

Unfortunately, we met with a problem with the Dog Bowl which turned out smaller than expected, as the measurements was inaccurate from the web (given by distributor). I gave a feedback to Ursula about it, and she offered to change to another size that I prefer, even to the largest one (more expensive) that was way over our credits which I offered to top up and said not to worry about that. Most importantly, is it’ll be sufficient enough for Cookie. Love their service so much already 😛

So excited when we receive the harness and retractable leash that we tried out on a walk!


Asked Kohepets for the size recommendation (again) as Cookie falls between two sizes, and the one they recommended fits perfectly!


Such a useful tool, especially when I prefer to stay seated while he wants to wander around. Hahaha!

Extra points! I was feeling bad that Ursula had to do extra work such as sourcing the product for us, and double checking the measurements of the dog bowl for us to exchanging another one from our doorstep so I apologised to her on both times, but she assured me there was nothing to apologise for, as they gained a new product to be on their webstore, and found the mistake if I didn’t brought it up. Making me feel so much better. Part time consellor here! Haha!

Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience, Kohepets!
Spend just over $60 for free shipping!

Cookie’s Latest Diet

Whao! Has it been more than a year?! Okay, it has.

Many things has changed now since a year ago. Mainly Cookie’s diet. Due to a ‘yellow’ light in his health result during his annual check up in March 2016, and the following monthly blood test until August that shows that it’s not improving, we decided to go for raw.

Like many others, I have always thought of trying out raw. But thoughts were just thoughts. Too many things to consider, such as if I can feed a well balanced meal.

So with the big push from his health result, I decided I have to do it. Read and read, research and research, ask and ask. I had constant headache for days during that period. I was just so stressed out. Because obviously, raw diet is not just feeding raw meat.

And on 22nd August 2016, Cookie finally had his first raw meal! We switched to commercial raw such as freeze dried for breakfast and stick to diy raw for dinner because I feel commercial is well balanced such as the vitamins and supplement, and has more variety than what I could find locally. Still not as confident in the diy, worried he will be lacking on some nutrition.

We have just reached the milestone of two months in raw feeding, and it has been a really good journey so far! Cookie reacted well to the changes and love the food!

Here’s some of his meals!


If you’re interested in switching to raw, please do sufficient research and reading. And don’t be scared to ask anything around. I am thankful I have friends around that feeds raw, and are willing to guide me and share their tips with me.

You can refer to Perfectly Rawsome and Wooga Dog as they have very informative posts.

Remember, there’s never ending of learning in the diet so always keep a lookout!


Let’s hope I can be back to post again very soon!

Roboyes Cafe

On one fine weekday afternoon, we headed to Roboyes Cafe for the first time!

Lovely entrance that has some flower decorations.

Very awesome double door!

This was at another blocked off corner which I assume is for private events or customers that does not like dogs.


Cheesee Quesadilla – $9

It was pretty good, serving was quite big for one person but nobody is complaining 😛

Cheeky boy checking the cafe out as we’re the only ones there for the first half visit

I also love that they have seats by the window and with the cafe being under a flat, there were quite a number of people walking pass which is what Cookie love to do. Just sitting there and looking at people walking around.

Happy boy says he will be back! Because the boss is very friendly and generous with giving him treats 😛

Space: 4/5  – Very little tables which in return, has more space for the dogs. 
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: 4/5 – Has cheaper options with decent servings compared to other dog cafes
Taste: 4/5 – Based on my order


Roboyes Cafe
Address: 34 Cassia Crescent #01-82, Singapore 390034
Tel: 6635 7923 & 9106 4700

Opening Hours:
Close on Monday except eve of PH & PH
Sun – Thu: 12 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 pm – 10:30 pm


Bone Broth

Post done in July

We’ve been seeing a few posts on Bone Broth surfacing on our Facebook timeline recently, so I went to take a look and was pretty interested in trying it out for Cookie because of the first benefit we read about. That Bone Broth is good for joints. Cookie has weak hind legs that will cause pain easily. So I was set to try it out!

I googled ‘Bone Broth For Dogs’ and clicked on the first link: < click to see the instructions and listed benefits.


After putting in the fridge to chill, it became jelly-like consistency as said by the instructions! “If it has a jelly-­like consistency when it’s cold you’ve done a good job of it!” Yay!

Here’s the types of bones we used. I didn’t know which to use initially so I stood at the chiller for a very long time, wondering which to get. In the end decided to just get all types of bones I can see.


I thought it’s  pretty legit to ‘heal legs with legs’ So chicken feet it is!

Got two of this as there wasn’t any other chicken parts I can find.

 Because the instruction said to must include joint bones. Cookie had the meat for dinner, and was so happy about it!


And the website stated to must have cartilage. So I got it from pork because I couldn’t see any from chicken meat.

Note: I’m not very sure where cartilage is supposed to be, but I googled and and assume it’s the white part of the bone like above photo. Not sure if it’s the correct part, but the broth came out successful anyway 😛

I started boiling it at 2:30PM, and was concerned if the pot was big enough because the bones were a lot!

It was bloody due to the pork bones. I made sure to boil it long enough in another pot before going to the slow cooker for the future batches.


7PM, 4.5 hours later. Bones started to break apart! It’s also when I added Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m supposed to add it right at the start but I forgot about it.

Next day, 11AM after 21 hours. The broth got lesser because I took out some for Cookie’s meals 😛


2:30PM, after 24 hours! Before straining the bones and oil.

I also added half clove of garlic to one pot of bone broth. As it’s my first time preparing garlic for Cookie, I didn’t dare to add too much and also, we were sharing the bone broth with his friends! For next pot, I would probably increase to 1 clove. To be safe, although the recommended portion was 1 clove a day for 20+ pounds dog. I would rather feed less than to overfeed.

I  am also planning to make it a regular supplement for Cookie by including it daily for his food intake either by giving as a freeze treat or include in his dinner. Because it’s really cheap and simple to prepare! I’ve also tried adding agar powder to make it into jelly but didn’t work very well for our first try probably because I added too little agar powder. Will try again for the next round!

8th August 2015

We’ve already done our third batch of Bone Broth today! Switched some bones since the second batch. And the broth became even more precious after almost 24 hours of boiling as it was dried up.

What’s left after taking out the bones after 24 hours.

Ready to go into the freezer for daily intake!

Happy Cookie! Awesome nutritious bone broth waiting for him!

Paris’s 2nd Birthday Party

Happy birthday to our little Paris! We were invited to her pool party yesterday at The Wagington. Other than the weather, we had a really fun time although we stayed dry 😛



Look at all the awesome foods, treats and gifts the hosts prepared for the doggies!

The first to arrive! Kanon, Cookie and Lucky!

Cookie’s playmate, Cody! Also Paris’s boyfriend 😛

My favorite girl, Donna from We Live In A Flat!

Amber and Tazzy! They sure had the most fun!

One of the rare times where they were more than happy to stay for photos under the shade because it was really hot! And look at Cookie still so happy with Donna sitting on him. My silly boy! He had his payback as well, resting his paws on Donna 😛

Just look at that cheeky birthday girl at the back!

Group photo to end the post! Donna was getting too comfy on the sofa, we can’t see her! Opps.

Happy birthday to Paris once again! And thank you, Paris’s humans for inviting us and kudos for putting in so much effort on this party!