First DIY Nail Cutting Session

Ever since I got Cookie, we have been leaving nails clipping to his groomer because firstly, Cookie never liked people touching his paws. Although it has improved, but still not to the extend he can continue lying down comfortably while you touch around. Especially his nails, he will start to show teeth. Which means, it’s very hard for me to even clip his nails. Secondly, I don’t have the courage to do it.I fear I’ll cut too short and injured him. And if I did, I’m worried his improvement of letting people touch his paws and nails will be backfired.

However, his groomer happens to injured his finger and needed stitches which means, he cannot groom Cookie for the next couple of weeks. And Cookie’s nails are getting really long. I don’t think he can wait that long before it starts to hurt when walking from the long nails.

So… it’s time for me to master the courage to clip them myself. I also got corn starch to stop bleeding in case we needed it.

Clipper, corn starch and treats to reward & encourage him.

His lying position which helps a lot. He tends to stay still longer in this position.

And just when we finally conquered the first nail, I clipped too short for the second one! He yelped and instantly snapped. Good thing is he didn’t actually meant to bite so there was no punctured wounds, but it still hurts! I feel so guilty by then, and lost all my courage.

But we couldn’t just stop there! The rest of the nails, I actually clip off the sharp edge only. I didn’t dare to go anywhere shorter after that.

And Cookie certainly doesn’t trust me after that! He snapped again when I picked up his nail but it was only that one time. After that, he only showed teeth from time to time. Thank god.


Above three photos are screenshots from the video. Yes, I recorded the first few minutes of the session but I don’t think I’ll even play it again. It’ll only keep reminding me how scary it was when I made the mistake.


After what seems like I clipped 160 nails when it’s actually only 16 nails. Our prize!

That sad face after the nightmare for both of us.

“Why… are we doing this, human.”

It was really a stressful task for me! I had a really bad headache after the whole thing ended. Big relief when there was no more accidents after the first one. I know practice makes perfect, but it’ll have to wait till the courage grows again. I wouldn’t want to hurt him again, and making him feel more uneasy with people touch his paws and nails.

For now, let’s just wait for the groomer to be back!


11 thoughts on “First DIY Nail Cutting Session

      • I know how you feel. I only cut once before, under the supervision of my groomer friend. Without him I don’t dare. Grinder…depends. Popo’s hair got caught once. But other than that, much better I find. At least don’t feel like will kena heart attack any moment. The sound may need some getting used to.

        Now Popo lets me do her hind legs with ease. Working on her front paws and dews! *cross fingers*

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  1. Hi from QQ, also a Japanese Spitz! This is our first visit. So happy to find a doggie blog featuring a Japanese Spitz.

    We use the dremel for clipping nails. I find that it’s much safer and less likely to go too short. I got QQ as a puppy and used the dremel since he was really small, so he’s pretty much used to it now. But the loud noise might be scary for the first time. Start by desensitizing him through turning the dremel on and feeding lots of treats. When he connects the sound to treats, it’ll be a lot easier!


    • Hello Yilise and QQ! We’ll do our best to blog about the journeys together 👍

      I’ve considered it, but Cookie hates it when people touch and grab his nails. We have been making improvement, but not quite there yet so I’m filing his nails almost daily to make him get comfortable with it. When that day comes, I’ll certainly introduce the dremel to him. Clipping is just too scary that my heart always skip a beat when I clip down. And hopefully I won’t hurt him anymore!


      • Filing daily is a good idea! I also like to play with QQ’s paws when I’m watching tv. I rub balm on his paws because it gets dry from all the running he does.

        Clipping is very scary indeed, I don’t think I’ll ever dare to try it, which is why I use the dremel.

        You are so patient and Cookie is lucky to have you!


      • I try to touch his paws when I cuddle him as well, and he’ll be busy protesting. Hahah!

        You’re too kind. I’m still learning to be patient as I get frustrated with him easily. Especially training time 😣


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