Recent Buys

Cookie now has ALOT of pee pads that we bought on three separate occasions. First five packs was when we bought from an online store at $19 each. Had to buy that many because the minimum amount to be qualified for the free delivery is $90, despite the pee pads are the cheapest we could find other than our old usual seller whom we have bad experience with due to their lack of responsiveness, replies and initiative attitude.

A few days after, we saw online that Sun Petagamart has offers for their pee pads at $25.9 each BUT it’s on buy one free one promotion! That means it’s only $13 for one pack! And just nice after our Sentosa trip with Mango The Sheltie, we headed there for the furkids to have another round of quick swim. So I took the opportunity to grab four packs.

And today, we had another chance to buy more because we were able to have a ride from the mother’s friend. Took this chance to grab another six more packs since we have a car, and also got three of the detachable play pen. Someone else was feeling kind and bought Cookie a pack of premium dental treats. So thankful!


So now we have more than ten packs of pee pads! Don’t think we’ll need to buy anymore for at least the next six months.

Got this at $10.90 each, much cheaper than Pet Lovers Centre.

The dental treats that was also on offer at buy two get one free. $19.9 each. Shared with Mango The SheltieΒ and got two packs during the previous trip. Then another one pack since that kind person wanted to buy one pack for Cookie. So why not get another pack myself and get the third pack free? But after researching just now, it seems to be cheaper online. However, lucky it was on offer so the prices are almost the same.


Hopefully there’s no more need to spend anymore major money on Cookie as we have to save up for his upcoming training in October.



Ending this with a silly Cookie smiling!


5 thoughts on “Recent Buys

    • Hmmm, have to depends. If average he uses 2 pieces of the small one each day, and 1 piece of the big one every two-three days. Then one pack of the small one can last 50 days, big pack can last around 50 days or more too. Then I have so many packs…. you do the maths 😂


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