How tall is Cookie? – #toiletpaperfestival

I have actually seen this toilet paper fun quite a few months before, and didn’t thought about it too much. And now, it seems to have come back to trend. Was tagged by @Parislepetite to join in the fun. And I thought, why not? It’s a really good way to share how tall (big) Cookie actually is! And with that same reason, we could also see how tall the other dogs are.

However, as I take the photos, I found out the results are inconsistent. Different ‘mode’ of Cookie has different height. So here’s some!

How tall is Cookie?

The laid-back Cookie is six toilet roll tall! (Including the ears)

The nervous Cookie is slightly shorter, especially without the ears.


The almost excited Cookie is exceeding six toilet rolls!

Stretching up…

Standing Cookie is definitely taller than six toilet rolls!


Oppsy! Tall enough to make the top toilet roll drop.


“Tsktsk, looking down on me that I can’t reach the top? Give me the seventh toilet roll!”

So how tall is your furkid? Join in the fun at Instagram! Tag #toiletpaperfestival to share and view others’!


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