Egg Shell Powder

As Cookie is on half Home Cooked Food diet, the nutrition is pretty important especially when his main intake is salmon. We rarely give him other meat choices as main meals because he doesn’t take them well. So chickens are left for dehydrated treats. So I have been looking at those supplements powder on the market that has those vitamins which I’m worried he will be lacked of but hasn’t put my heart to decide as I am not sure on these, I’m worried it will cause more harm than good if I anyhow feed without knowing what he really needs. So I have read from online about egg shell powder, and was quite interested about it as well. But due to the same reason, I never thought of giving Cookie them.
Until I read about those Home Cooked Food posts by Cotton The Maltese, she really did alot of research about it so I decided to consult her on Cookie’s diet, and what he lacks of as I’m really bad at those nutrition balances and terms. Cut short, turns out Cookie needs Calcium to balance out Phosphorus. After seeking out other possible ways to let Cookie has Calcium, we went right back to Egg Shell Powder.
So I followed what I read online, and some guidance from Cotton The Maltese, here’s how I made our first batch of egg shell powder!


Part of the egg shells we got. Friendly neighbors and pancake seller from Coffee Shop gave me their egg shells so I didn’t had to save very long as we rarely cook and it will take us a very long time to even have ten egg shells.

After washing and plucking off the red ink stamped on the shells, ready to be baked!

Off to the oven at around 100 degree, and 5 minutes. At first try, I put it on 120 degree in hope that they will dry faster but I overlooked that my oven is a really small one, so there were quite a few shells turned slight brownish. Anyway, I checked the shells one by one after it was done to ensure that they were fully dried. The not dried ones were back in for another short bake.

All in a big bucket to be let cool and smashing for easier grind later

It was very fun crashing the shells until when you lost all the strengths. Then it was not so fun after. Hahah!

After the grinding! Egg Shell Powder is done!

Our first batch has around 200 grams! Which I do not think Cookie can finish it before it expires. (I set the lifespan at 7 weeks in fridge)

Also, I highly recommend to store the egg shells, and grind everything at once instead of bit by bit as it is a very messy work. Especially with the egg powder/dust flying around.

If anyone is interested to get egg shell powder but is lazy to make or like me, hard to save  up egg shells or any reasons, do let me know! As I can get alot of egg shells, I can offer to help you make with a minimal handling fee to cover up the electricity since I’m having holiday now.  Do note the eggs are not higher ends organic kind though. Just normal eggs.


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