New dehydrated Treats

You know it’s time to make dehydrated treats again when the treat jar is empty. And since I got a compact blender to make the Egg Shell Powder, I thought I could make the treats with this too! And glad I tried, because I love the outcome so much! Guess will continue this way for his future treats.

Look at how thin it turns out! I love the crunchy sound the dogs made when they eat this treat. And the color is so pretty with the greens inside!

Anyway, I don’t know what to call this treat because I didn’t follow a recipe and just added what I have.

Chicken breasts! The only kind of meat I give Cookie as dehydrated treats because it has the least fats.

Peppermint Leaves that I read is supposed to help with their bad breath. Not that Cookie has any bad breath, but no harm adding right?

Cinnamon Powder! It makes the meats smell really nice!

I cut the chicken into smaller pieces for the blender.

Then just add everything in. Mint leaves, Cinnamon powder, and Egg shell powderΒ that we made previously. And, blend well!

I spread them thinly on the tray for the dehydrator. You can also use baking paper on the tray before spreading on it to avoid going through the holes.

Here comes the best part! I used a pizza cutter and rolled around the spread. I tried to make it as small as possible so I don’t have to break them into smaller pieces myself when it comes to feeding. And it’s a breeze to break them when it’s done! Just like breaking a chocolate cubes. Except it’s much easier because they are thinner.
Then you just dehydrate them accordingly and viola!

“Are those for meeeeeee?”

“Treats are to be put in the mouth, Human. Not to balance!”

I personally feel this method of making the dehydrated treats is so much easier, fun and convenient because I can add other stuffs in like his Egg Shell Powder and such. In the past, I only cut the chicken breast meat into small pieces and dehydrate straight. With only coating of flavors like Cinnamon Powder, Honey and Coconut Oil.

Can’t wait to try adding in other flavors!


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