Sembawang GRC – Pets Carnival

We were up early in the morning today because we were heading to Sembawang Park for the Pets Carnival! Our first pet event outing together, and we were really excited mainly because of the newly launched dog run. So despite it was the official opening today, Cookie & Donna from We Live In A Flat decided to be one of the first few to try it out so we actually went to explore two weeks back before already (Read about it here:

However, we still had fun at the end of the day despite feeling disappointing on the carnival as basically there’s nothing much because we met a few Instagram friends!

We headed to the dog run first while it wasn’t crowded for Cookie to sniff around. Also a very good timing to take photos as he was still all cheery and active!

The socially awkward Cookie. He is always nervous when going near other dogs.

“I smell…. pee and maybe poo?”

After awhile, we headed to the carnival to collect the goodie bags and refreshments while waiting for @Kanon_boy to reach.

Headed back to the dog run after that because there was nothing for us to look around.

Kanon! Cookie’s BBFF (Best Bromance Friend Forever)


We met quite a lot more friends actually, but didn’t took any photos!

Overall, a morning well spent!


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