Our First BBQ Gathering

We had our first bbq gathering together with some of the usual pack of people and dogs last Saturday. I was very excited! Because who doesn’t love food? Or at least me. Especially when it’s bbq food that I rarely gets to eat.

From left,
Lucky – @chocbanaa, @kookysheltie, Echo & Nugget, @kanon_boy, Donna – We Live In A Flat, Cookie, Mangothesheltie, missing of Cobie that ran away and lifewithlycanlexie

We headed to the location with Kooky (thanks for the lift again!) and we were early so we took some photos since the sun is still up.

The two of them kept sticking to each other simply because they wants to mark over each other’s spots.

Some solo photos of Cookie!

Then one by one, they came. All of them were late!

Lovely Donna! Love all the photos I took of her that day!


Love taking photos of Lexie because when I call her name, she’ll turn to stare at the camera!

What is privacy in dogs’ world?
Kooky and Lycan

My tired fat furball

Love Nugget’s face here!

Thanks to Mango the Sheltie and Life with Lycan Lexie for bringing the fences so that we can eat at in peace without worrying they’ll run too far and not having to be leashed all the time.

What is bbq without food?!

Donna doing the command ‘Relax’ under the bribery of treats!

It was a really fun day despite it was also quite tiring. I would still love to have this kind of gathering again although I think the others will think otherwise. Heheh.

Special thanks to Janicia’s and Noren’s boyfriends for being the chefs that day!


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