Fat Pet No More

I got approached by a lady named Claire, whom is working on a social media campaign called “Fat Pet No More” that hopes to raise awareness on pet obesity in Singapore, and educate owners on the health risk of pet obesity, also tips and guide for a healthy pet.

She hopes that I can help to spread the awareness, and I hesitated initially as Cookie is overweight himself. Who will I be able to convince on when my own dog is not fit at all? But nonetheless, I do know the disadvantage of an overweight dog, so I have been trying to make Cookie lose the excess weight off despite some difficulties. So I still decided to go ahead to do this post. It can also act as a record on what Cookie and I have done trying to lose the weight off!


What’s the risk of an obese dog?

Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)

Damage to joints, bones and ligaments

Heart Disease and increased blood pressure

Difficulty breathing

Decreased Stamina

Increased surgical and anesthetic risk

and more…. taken fromย http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+1659&aid=694


And when there really are health issues appearing, it’s not just the dog that suffers. The owner too. Both emotionally and monetary. You’ll always be worried and have to take extra care for your dog. Also being troubled by the medical fees as every owners know, pets’ medical fee don’t come cheap.


How did Cookie become overweight?

1. Excess treats from my family members as they dote on him a lot. And are always worried he is not full, so a few treats here and there from each of them added up to alot. I’ve been constantly reminding them not to feed too many and unnecessarily.

2. Fed too much of meals, when I am not the one preparing his food. Especially for his breakfast as usually I won’t be at home. And same reason as ย point 1, my mom is always worried Cookie is not full and always give him more kibbles.

3. Lack of exercising. Cookie is never an athletic. He never run around except chasing neighbor through the house that walked pass the corridor. He is not a very well socialised dog so he never plays with other dogs when we’re out. Also, as a very paranoid owner about ticks, as long as it rained before, the ground is wet or the weather is moist, I will not bring him down for walks.


How did we deal with it?ย 

Stopping a lot of commercial treats and only give him mainly homemade dehydrated treats, main ingredient chicken breast that has the least fat.

Reminding my family members on the overweight problem, let them know of the risks and what did the vet says whenever they feed unnecessary treats.

Cutting down on his meals since he doesn’t use much energy.

To make up for the lack of walks, I try to bring Cookie for long walks whenever the weather and time permits.

Bringing Cookie out as often as possible to let him be more socialize and open up to more dogs in hoping he’ll start to play more to burn those energy and fats off. And he has been making baby steps. Yay!

Making him chase after treats at home as he doesn’t play fetch, this is one of the few ways to get him to run. But still, most of the time he would just stroll to the treats unless he is really excited…


And we are still working on it, trying to bring him for more long walks since I’m having holiday now. Lets hope Cookie will lose his extra weight and become a fit dog!


If you’re interested, you can take a look at:



@fatpetnomore on Instagram

They provide a lot of useful tips and educate you on how to have a healthier pet!


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