Cycling Day at Punggol

On the 21st September, Sunday we headed for our first cycling session together at Punggol! @Kookysheltie and us shared a tricycle and a normal bicycle because the Kookies (Cookie & Kooky) are expected to not last the run/walk pretty soon. And true enough, for Cookie’s case. So the tricycle is used to ferry the belongings and the dogs!


Some photos while waiting for the others to get ready with the rentings!


@ritchdawg, Ritchie. Some possibility that Cookie and him might share the same father as they are from the same kennel, and have similar features.

All geared up!



And because Cookie refused to walk/run beside the bicycle, we tried it with scooter. And he did run! To chase after me, actually as I’m infront and kept calling him.

@Jack_the_jrt, @beaniebeanboo, @kookysheltie, Nugget, Echo, Mango The Sheltie, Cookie, @kanon_boy, Donna – We Live in A Flat, @reynerthesheltie and @ritchdawg

Life With Lycan and Lexie, and @abventuresinwittyland are not in the group photos because they were so far ahead that they didn’t want to come back for the photos. Opps.



We had a lot of rest stops in between to take photos and waited for the others to catch up before moving on as we were quite a big group.


Anyway, the tricycle charges $12 per hour, but we rented for $24 for 2 hours, and additional hour for free.

$10 per hour for normal bicycle, $20 for 2 hours and additional hour for free.


For more information about the shops and charges, go to


After the whole exercising thing, four humans and five dogs that consist of Cookie, Kooky, Mango, Nugget and Echo headed to Happenstance Cafe for our late dinner. We were all starving! Then, we ended the night feeling satisfied.


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