A Day at Wagging Rights!

We headed to Wagging Rights yesterday for a short visit! It was the human’s second visit while it was Cookie’s first. Headed together with Mango The Sheltie  since they are going grooming, while we’ll be there to take some photos. Also took the chance to observe if Cookie does well in an unfamiliar place with other dogs around.

A relaxed and smiley furball is a good sign!

By the way, did you know Wagging Rights is an almost one-stop centre for dogs? That includes Daycare, Grooming, Dog Foods, Training and Pet Concierge.


Wagging Rights offer leash-free run for the dogs, with a big and spacious area for the dogs. They have a separate area for the smaller dogs which is really great. So that different sizes of dogs can enjoy, and not being stressed about other dogs, and does not need to have to be caged up simply because of that reason.

Did you spot the pet treadmill behind? Cookie got a chance to try it. And I think I might get a treadmill for him in the future! Say hi to fit Cookie!

Treat robber spotted!

Did you think that their daycare is simply about running around with other dogs? Yay to ALL kinds of toys!


There’s a big glass windows placed by the smaller enclosure where we get to see what is going on inside. Mango The Sheltie has been going back to them ever since his mommy adopted him. So I guess that is already an unspoken positive review!

Dog Food

My favorite part! As Cookie’s main diet is homemade food, it got me really interested that they offer Homemade Gourmet Dog Food (both cookied and uncooked!) where owners can simply buy off from the freezer and heat up on their own. Such convenience! They currently have four kinds of meat, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Each portion is currently weighing at 250g, but! A new improved packaging is launching soon and the portion will be decreased to 200g each.

Wagging Rights: 

Chicken Terrine (Available in cooked, uncooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with whole chicken breast, oven roasted pumpkins, steamed chinese cabbage & peas, and juicy cantaloupes.

Posh Pulled Pork (Available in cooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with pork medallions, on a sauté of spinach, topped with steamed french beans, grilled red peppers and delicious apples.

Shepherd’s Lamb Stew (Available in cooked, uncooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with spring lamb, grilled sweet potatoes, a sauté of courgettes & chinese cabbage, accompanied with bosc pear.

Sunday Roast Beef (Available in cooked, uncooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with ground shoulder of farm-raised beef, a sauté of broccoli & carrots, topped with watermelon cubes and mildly sweet blueberries.”

If it’s your first time heading there, lookout for the striking blue walls. Not very hard to miss, I’m sure!

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

The first thing that will greet you (other than the sounds of barking that welcomes you!) Products for sale! Did I not said it’s a one-stop centre?

What’s going on?

They are currently having a 20% promotion for the daycare until end of this month:

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

Wagging Rights: “Socialise, play and exercise your pooch from as low as $28 a day (Small breed daycare R.R.P: $35). Hurry, as this 20% discount for all our first-time customers is only valid till 30 October 2014. Terms and conditions apply.”

And also, offer on their gourmet dog food!

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

Wagging Rights: “Who says eating healthy is costly? Now you can feed your dog some nutritious food with prices as low as $48 for 5kg (R.R.P: $60). Hurry, as prices are valid till 30 October 2014.”

Other facts!

Wagging Rights is also coming up with something new! A Get Fit Programme for the dogs, which sparks my interest as Cookie is overweight, and I’m having a hard time helping him shed them off!

They also uses positive reinforcement on the dogs with Michelle Chan from Pup Pup N Away joining the forces. Another yay for me because we’re starting our training classes with Michelle! What’s there to be worried if I were to place Cookie with Wagging Rights for daycare when they are trained by Michelle, our trainer!

Wagging Rights

337 Joo Chiat Road

Singapore 427590

Operating hours: 9AM – 6PM

Phone 6447 0335
Email woof@wagging-rights.com
Website http://www.wagging-rights.com/

Wagging Rights kindly let me place Cookie there while I headed for lunch with Mango’s mama for an hour. And I’m told Cookie is pretty much ok except that he doesn’t play with other dogs. At least he did okay! And he didn’t bark for me continuously except when I left. Also, he didn’t embarrassed me by peeing everywhere like what he did at cafes! He actually did his business on the pee pad. #proudmamamoment  

I would say Cookie is comfortable there and with the people. He actually lie down next to Sam (one of the bosses) whom he just met for less than half a day while we talked! Another plus point!

Can’t wait to head back there again!


8 thoughts on “A Day at Wagging Rights!

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    • It’s a really good place! I like the environment and from what I see, Cookie is comfortable with the people there and I guess it already shows how they handle our dogs. Yeah! We’ve yet to try their food though! But reviews about it has been pretty good!


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