A Day at Bishan Park

After our visit to Wagging Rights, we headed off to Bishan Park to meet the fellow Japanese Spitz buddies! We were early, so I decided to bring Cookie and explore the other parts of Bishan Park as I realised after so many times of going there, we only headed to the Dog Run and not anywhere else. Sure did I regret that we only explored after so long. It was really beautiful! And since it was late afternoon, there wasn’t any crowds. After witnessing some examples of people strolling with their dogs off leashed, I did the same! Enjoyed this bonding session alot with Cookie and took some photos!

Somebody isn’t too happy with me snapping a photo of him doing his business. Opps.

Then, we received a text that one of our buddy has reached! Off to reunite! And more photo sessions while waiting for the rest.

After awhile, the rest reached! Headed to the dog run for awhile before heading off to Canopy Garden Dining & Bar for some food & drink break.

Cookie, Kanon_boy, Parislepetite and Cudtlez – @proud2bhannah

Had a short walk together before we end the day! Thankful to Mango The Sheltie and @proud2bhannah for the rides!

Definitely going back to explore more parts of Bishan Park which we have not touched yet. Shall plan on a weekday where there isn’t any crowds.


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