Our Foobler Journey!

During Dogs Of Instagram SG’s Halloween Gathering (which I’ve yet to post #opps), on 25th October 2014 we received a Foobler from Nekojam for Cookie to try it out. So blessed to have the opportunity to be one of the first to have a Foobler, and it’s a gift from sweet Debrah as well! But… we’re one of the last few to post about it (actually, I think we’re the last #doubleopps) because unlike some of the dogs that instantly clicked with the Foobler, Cookie took quite awhile to be comfortable with it and much less, know the concept of the Foobler.

So, we’re finally here to post about Cookie’s journey with the Foobler, and how the human, me tried different ways to help and guide Cookie learn to play with the Foobler.


The Foobler Timed Interactive Dog Toy

The Foobler is a timed, interactive, and self-reloading puzzle toy for dogs. A dog’s natural instinct is to hunt, forage, and work for its food. The Foobler keeps their minds engaged, and is perfect for dog owners who have to leave their dogs for extended periods of time, keeping your pet entertained, happier, healthier and mentally stimulated; preventing an array of behavioural problems such as destructive chewing.

The Foobler contains 6 food pods within the main body, that hold up to 2 cups of food or treats, and can be set to release every 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes– That’s up to 9 hours of play time, and a full day’s meal. A real, metal bell, installed within the Foobler, rings to signal play time. It comes apart easily for cleaning, runs on 2 AA batteries, and can be used by dogs of all sizes. Fooblers will fit treats or kibble of size below 3/4″ (1.9CM).

For a start, I placed the Foobler around Cookie whenever he goes and when he sleep at night so that he’ll get used to the Foobler’s existence. Then, I placed some dehydrated treats in, infront of him then rolled the Foobler around to show him how it works, that by pushing the Foobler, there will be foods coming out.

Well… he gets the idea soon enough, but he wasn’t motivated to play with the Foobler on his own and instead, wait for me to push it then he’ll follow the Foobler behind to pick up the treats it dropped ._.

So, I decided to up the treats to chicken breast meats from his dinner, and place them inside the Foobler. One hungry dog wouldn’t say no to meats right? True that! He started to nudge it a little on his own and I helped by aligning the hole to match the outer hole so that the treats will drop out easier.

After a couple of times of using his dinner and chicken breast meats, I decided to downgrade the treats back to dehydrated treats and it’s a hit and miss thing with that spoilt fat fluffball. When he feels lazy, he still ignore the Foobler…

But now, he finds it so easy to whack the Foobler around that I made it harder by not aligning the holes straight like before and he still does it well!

Proud Cookie is proud that he conquered the Foobler and is officially a #fooblerallstars!

It took Cookie around a few weeks to finally play a Foobler like how it should be played, so if you’re concerned about your dog not playing it well, don’t be. All you need is some time, and provide some help & guidance for your dog. Some dogs are simply more wary of new toys or just not very motivated to work for treats (like Cookie until he knows how, and it became easy)

We still have some work to do as I have yet to include the batteries and teach him to link the bell to treats dispense time as I don’t intend to let him play it unsupervised because our house is not Foobler friendly with lots of places the Foobler can be trapped at.

Here’s some videos from different period within November of Cookie with the Foobler! From gentle, unsure to confident & #justwhackonly violent dog. You can just watch the first and last video for the improvement actually.

2nd November 2014

12th November 2014

19th November 2014

30th November 2014

How do we feel about the Foobler?

I love it a lot! It helps Cookie to work for the treats as he have to chase it around. Any form of walking is still an exercise opportunity for Cookie! It also help as a slow feeding process if I uses it for Cookie’s dinner. Which is good for dogs that eats really fast! I think Cookie love it too because it’s the only toy and only time that dispense lots of treats like buffet! He don’t even get that much during our trainings 😛

What varieties of treats we put in?

  • Our homemade special kind of dehydrate treats so that the size can fit the Foobler! https://somewhitecookie.wordpress.com/2014/08/31/new-dehydrated-treats/
  • Normal cooked chicken breasts, cut to suitable size
  • Kibbles
  • Fruits, cut to suitable size
  • Mini Salmon & Chicken balls made to fit the Foobler as it’s round, it’s easier to roll out (best for starter!)
  • Primal’s freeze dried Turkey Liver

Basically any foods that is not sticky and small enough!

Here’s something good and the best chance for you to get a Foobler now if you haven’t!


photo credit: Nekojam

The Green Foobler is the prefect gift this Christmas to smarten up your pooch this festive season.

Show friends, guests and relatives how intelligent your pet can be.
What’s more, the Foobler can still be used after Christmas, unlike some coniferous tree located in the middle of your living room.

From now till 31 December 2014, the green Foobler is going on sale now at $54.90!
Hurry, While Stocks Last!
Follow this link to purchase. http://nekojam.com/shop/foobler-timed-interactive-dog-toy/

Cookie says Thank you to Nekojam for the generosity and he won’t let you guys down and shall continue to work hard to be the #fooblerallstars!


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