Halloween 2014

Way overdue’s post! Our Halloween outing during 25th October 2014! I’ve already edited the photos, but just didn’t have the time to really sit down and blog about it. Until now!

It was our third time to Marina Barrage, and I really love bringing Cookie there when it’s not crowded!

The previous night before the event, I stayed in the kitchen for hours to bake these cookies for trick or treat for the dogs, follow by dehydrating treats.

It’s Apple & Cinnamon flavour, and Tuna & Wolfberries flavour.

Comes with cute packaging!

We went together with @kookysheltieΒ and reached early. So we went ahead to take photos before it gets more crowded and while the sun is still up!

After awhile, our friends started coming!

It got really crowded and I think we ended up with over 20 dogs!

Quite loving this photo of Life With Lycan Lexie‘s family. A pity Lexie is hidden behind Lycan!

The group went for a night walk after our picnic except a few of us that were too tired or too busy taking photos πŸ˜›

Here’s Cookie with his treat or trick’s loots! Thank you so much for the treats! Cookie sure had lots of fun eating them.


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