Appreciation to the Sponsors & Trip to Shelters and HOPE

So…. It’s been more than a month since our Dogs of Instagram SG’s Christmas Party. And I just hasn’t have the time to settle down on the table and do up a post about it even though I’ve already edited the photos. However, I didn’t take many photos on that day so there wasn’t much to post about. So you guys can refer to We Live In A Flat and Life With Lycan Lexie for their detailed posts! Instead, here’s a post to say a big thank you to the sponsors that helped make the party a success, and regarding the trips to the shelters and organization that will receive the donations.

Here’s a video on the highlight of the party:

Videos by Some White Cookie, Life With Lycan Lexie, edited by We Live In A Flat

Photo edited by We Live In A Flat, collage by Life With Lycan Lexie.

Thank you to:

myfurfriends – Donation and Goodie Bags

Wagging Rights – Goodie Bags and Lucky Draw

Oh Pop Dog – Prizes for Best Dressed Dog Contest

Thedufstore – Lucky Draw

Little Cherry – Donation, Lucky Draw and Goodie Bags

The Barkery – Runway, Treat Table and Goodie Bags

Barking Good – Treat Table, Goodie Bags and Lucky Draw

Furrific – Goodie Bags and Lucky Draw

Paw Mart – Goodie Bags

Anna Phan – Photographer

Feed My Paws – Donation

Another special thanks to We Live In A Flat, Mango The Sheltie and Life With Lycan Lexie for their time and effort on planning this party from scratch, especially JX whom took the time to contact sponsors!

Here’s some very little photos taken during the party:

Happy Cookie with his goodies back home after the party!

On Christmas Eve 2014, I headed down to Gentle Paws and Uncle Khoe’s k9 with the help of Paw Mart to deliver the kibbles donated by Little Cherry that is worth $500!

First stop, Uncle Khoe’s!

Then next door to Gentle Paws!

Then on 11th January, with the help of kookysheltie, we went ahead to deliver donated kibbles and leashes from myfurfriends to HOPE Dog Resue. We also separately donated a total of $244.7, leftovers from the Christmas Party to HOPE.

Little Harper! Has been following her updates ever since the volunteers found her in a very small size comparable to a very tiny Styrofoam cup. So glad to see her growing up well and strong.

And this marks the end of our Christmas Party! Once again, thank you so much to those that attended. Because of you guys, the dogs from shelters and rescued dogs from organization is able to benefit and given additional love.


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