Donna’s Gotcha Day

On 11th January 2015, Sunday, we headed to Lower Pierce Reservoir early in the morning because we were invited to We Live In A Flat, Donna’s Gotcha Day Party! JX, the host planned for a picnic for that day.

Human’s food and the four legged friends’! Which is which, it’s for you to guess! Can’t believe how fortunate they are these days, to have such good foods.

Love this photo of Donna, the female lead alot. Totally shows how much she enjoyed the day!

Kookysheltie, Cookie, Mangothesheltie, Lifewithlycanlexie, Kanon_boy, Weliveinaflat – Donna and chocbanaa – Lucky!

We had a really enjoyable time, with good food, good weather, good companion and good place! Really loved that morning alot! Very glad to be invited to the party!

Thank you so much for the day, We Live In A Flat!


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