Grooming at Wagging Rights

image Cookie had his first grooming at a shop since I got him today at Wagging Rights. I’ve only sent him to home based grooming that is near me because I didn’t have a car and cab fares plus grooming fees is too taxing for me especially I send him for grooming pretty often.

With courtesy of Wagging Rights, we have a chance to let Cookie try out their full grooming!

Honestly, it didn’t start out well as expected because he never liked bathing and blow drying. But I wasn’t prepared for him to react really badly. He was screaming, whining and crying very loud and badly for me especially during blow drying. I ended being so stress and tensed for him which wasn’t doing him good especially most of the reason for the bad reaction was because of the separation anxiety. So Sam suggested for me to leave to see if it helps, or the alternatives was to just get over and done with or stop the grooming. I decided to leave in hope that he’ll better. JX’s husband stayed there and kept us updated which I’m really thankful for! And thank god, Cookie was getting better. I was worried if he’ll be traumatized but no, I went back to a cheerful dog! I’m really glad he has this happy-go-lucky character in him.

The update from Sheryl was she couldn’t grind Cookie’s nails because he didn’t like it. Yes, he doesn’t like nails trimming too… But he was okay during de-shedding!


During grooming:

I could see Sam going in to help out the guy groomer with Cookie, helping him to relax and calm down which I really appreciate. I really like groomers (in this case, Sam & Sheryl) going extra miles to show affection to dogs, to assure them, to calm them down instead of just holding the dogs down and do their job without any concerns for the dog’s state.

End of the day, happy that Cookie has a super soft coat and smell so nice now! And yes, he didn’t seems to be affected by anything that happened. Yay! Hopefully he’ll learn to love grooming more and improve on the separation anxiety issue so I can be able to hang around and take some photos.


Thankful to Wagging Rights! Hopefully they won’t reject Cookie if I were to bring him back again. Hahahah!



337 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427590

Mon – Sun: 9AM – 6PM



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