Dental Scaling!

3 weeks before, we went for our annual checkup and vaccinations for Cookie! We went with the intention of doing Dental Scaling, and thought we could do all at once since we’re already heading to the vet. Unfortunately, both cannot be done together. So we got scheduled 3 weeks later for the Dental Scaling!

Happy boy after we got home after a long day!

I got a call the previous day to be reminded on his fasting. No foods after 12 midnight, no drinks after 8AM and I were to drop him off between 10AM – 11AM.

After reaching the clinic, I was asked to sign a form that included what procedure will be done, which is the Dental Scaling. And like any other surgeries and procedures, there will be a risk especially under GA. So I was asked if his heart and such were to stop functioning, would I want them to do CPR or not. The staff further explained that if I choose not to, they will make it a painless one for Cookie. Obviously I said “Yes! Please save my dog.”

Note: If CPR were to be done, extra fee starting from $40+ will be charged.

To make it safer, I opt for a blood test to check if he is healthy enough to be under GA too. And result came back fine!

And as the people says, “no news equal to good news”

I waited for the whole afternoon for any update and didn’t received any until the evening when I was notified that everything went well and Cookie will be ready to go home in an hour+, after most of the GA effect went off! No tooth extraction was needed too!

Before going for the scaling!

And the after! Clean and white teeth now! Let’s be more diligent on the brushing to maintain it!

So I picked up Cookie at 7:30PM, and was expecting to see a drowsy fluffball. But nope! He was jumping around when he saw me, and was able to bark, pull and jump when we were reaching home. I felt so silly at that point that I was rather worried about him the whole afternoon! However, he was very tired indeed!

I’m very thankful for We Live In A Flat‘s post about Dental Scaling and Donna’s experience too! As we went for the same clinic, I’m more or less prepared and understood what will be done on Cookie.


In all, it went really well and Cookie wasn’t affected much by any side effect. Yay!


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