All On Board! – Pet Cruise Day!

We had the opportunity to experience our first boat ride together with Mango The Sheltie, Life With Lycan Lexie and We Live In A Flat!

Thanks to Joe, from Pet Cruise that offered us a discounted rate for the ride. Our Itinerary for the 2 hours ride was first to set off from Marina Country Club to Coney Island for some beach fun, then to the open water near the Punggol Point, where we rented bicycles for the cycling day then back to shore!

Setting off to our first stop, Coney Island!

Unfortunately for me, I was worried I’ll get seasick so i remained seated without moving much so photos are limited.

Relaxed dog is a good sign! Was worried if he’ll get seasick or just feel insecure on a rocking boat.

Open water where you can simply swim from the rear of the boat. Nope, we didn’t head down as Cookie is not a fan of swimming, much less straight to somewhere deep. Hehehe.

Happy to be just on board and look at the views!

And yes, life jacket of multiple sizes are provided on board with no extra charges!

Sadly, we don’t have any photos on Coney Island as I decided not to bring the camera down in case it got wet. We didn’t explore much as well because the beach was not very clean with lots of fish bones and rubbish. Which I got pricked by a fish bone, and Cookie tried to pick up a few rubbish. So after awhile, I kept him on leash and remain in one corner to watch the others play!

It was a really fun experience, and we did enjoy the boat ride. Perhaps a better location such as Seletar Island which was recommended by Joe whom mentioned it’s a much more beautiful place will make the trip more pleasant. Well, there’s always a next time for us!

For more photos and information, (especially photos of Coney Island!):

Thank you Pet Cruise once again for the wonderful day!

Here’s something awesome from Pet Cruise!:

Instead of booking the entire boat which is their policy, they are opening up by taking per pax booking from our readers! This will be more economical and allow you to mingle and interact with other dogs and owners.
Instead of the usual price of $30 per pax, they are offering:
$25 per pax ( each pet = 1 pax ) for a 2 hour cruise! That is a 16% discount!
Once they have 10 pax, they will go ahead with a cruise.
The skipper will decide where to go, which is either coney, seletar island or punggol beach.
Upcoming cruise day will be:
24 May Sunday – 11am – 1pm if you’re interested to try out!
Lastly, just remember to include the code ‘pcdois‘ to be entitled to the special offer!
This discount will be valid from May to June only!

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