Skin Care, Airborne Allergy

The first day Cookie came home with me, his right arm has a red bump that wouldn’t go away. So a month later, while we brought him for his vaccinations, I got the vet to check it as well. Vet dismissed it off as a bug bite. So I didn’t think much about it as well. Until slowly, the bumps seems to multiply at ‘bad times’, and most disappeared during ‘good times’ but no matter what, there will always be at least one bump around. It seems to be itchy for Cookie as well, as sometimes, he will lick it which causes the fur to go thin and skin to go red.

So during the ‘bad times’, I had to let him wear e-collar most of the time, especially when nobody is there to watch him as he will be licking and licking his arm.

Until last year September, I felt that it wasn’t just bug bite. Otherwise why won’t it heal and kept appearing and disappearing? So we went to another vet for second opinion. This time, the vet says that it is most likely Airborne Allergies. Good news is, she say based on Cookie’s age, his condition is on the mild side as it only flare up on his right arm so far. However, we have to keep a lookout as the allergy will reach a full bloom stage when dogs turn three.

And the allergy is a seasonal thing whereby this part of the year, it will flare up badly, and another part of the year, it will be peaceful. So I have to continue observing to take note usually which part of the year does his allergy act up badly. And best is to take photos to keep record. The vet gave a steroid spray which I did not use as I’m not comfortable with it due to side effects, and anti-histamine pills that only a small percentage of dogs will react well to it which unfortunately for Cookie’s case, did not help.

So the research began on what stuffs could help with his skin to ease the itching, and reduce the bumps. Through out the months, I bought and switched products whenever I find something new that I feel could help. And what product are those? (I think I missed out some which may have been thrown away. The ones in the photos are what I have now)

Coconut Oil is not bought specially for Cookie’s skin, but for his diet as I include it daily for his intake. However, I have also used it to apply his skin but stopped after a few application as it encourages him to lick more due to the scent and taste.

Apple Cider Vinegar, which I use it to soak his arm, and as a last rinse after bath, diluted with water. And also to wipe his arm occasionally with it but not often because it encourages him to lick more too. Silly boy love the taste of ACV.

Pure Neem Oil which I read that is good for the skin, no matter bug bite or tick bite too. It is supposed to help to repel ticks too! Diluting with oil such as coconut oil or olive oil is needed as purely neem oil is too strong for dogs’ skin. Stopped using after awhile as the smell is too strong and makes Cookie smell smelly.

Colloidal Silver, which I have almost finished that small amount of bottle in a short time. Didn’t have to worry about Cookie licking as it’s safe for intake.

Richard’s Organics Incredible Spray which is supposed to help with soothing the skin as well. It’s a pretty good product except…

Sadly when Cookie had bug bites on his back and I sprayed it daily with the Incredible Spray, it left stain on his fur as the moisture was trapped inside constantly. So his back has this red patch which people always ask what happened as his skin looks red or thought I dyed his fur. Had to keep explaining and show them it’s just the fur, the skin is okay. No injuries~ It is slowly fading now. Really slowly…


The latest, currently using and top favorite! Roots’ Skin and Coat Tonic Spray. Been using it daily on Cookie’s arm for a month now. It has a really cooling effect that helps to soothe the skin! As when I massage it in with my fingers, I can feel the cooling effect. And so far since I started using it, Cookie’s skin has not act up badly, and the bumps have disappeared! Except for one. Which is a really good result! It may possibly be due to the seasonal thing whereby it could be the part of the year where the allergy is taming down. We’ll see in another few months time while continuing with the spray daily!

Unfortunately, I hasn’t been recording down Cookie’s arm condition periodically. So here’s just a few photos of it.

July 2014. Very red skin and bumps. But paw was still not affected.

February 2015 for the ones below:

Allergy has affected the paw too since then. *sigh

The arm right now taken few days ago:

No more bumps! But still slight redness. However, the thinning of fur wasn’t all because of the allergy but due to the shaving from his previous Dental Scaling. Has been growing well since!

Bumps has disappeared, now hoping the fur will grow out!

It has been a really long journey regarding his skin issue. And it’s not ending yet. Hopefully won’t spread to the other areas as well! Especially that he is reaching three soon. However, I am just as happy and contented that it is under control for now, hopefully thanks to the Tonic Spray.

Here’s a sweet Cookie to end the lengthy and boring post!



All products mentioned are bought and paid for, and shared based on own observation and experience on Cookie. #notsponsored


2 thoughts on “Skin Care, Airborne Allergy

  1. Can’t help but laugh when you mention the oils make Cookie smelly. Hahaha… not too mention sound very oily, diluting one oil with another! But glad you you found something that currently works for you. I bought Espree Aloe Vera gel cos Donna’s side was itchy, and vet recommended just use aloe vera can already. But have to use with cone also since not good for her to ingest aloe vera. Seem quite ok, but her itchiness not as bad as Cookie la 😛


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