Transportation with Cookie

Although I bring Cookie out almost every weekends, we do not have our own transport. So we rely on cabs almost every time. We’re lucky we have friends like @mangothesheltie, @weliveinaflat@kookysheltie and @yurithelabrador that doesn’t mind giving us a lift occasionally when we head out together that does not only save us a huge amount of transport fee, but allow us to head to places that we have to worry if there’s any transport back after, such as after swimming, Sentosa and Green Corridor.

And on days we have to take transport on ourselves, what do we do?


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When we first started going out to meet friends regularly, we book cabs from Comfort. But we stopped using it after being exposed to more choices.

As much as there are more cabs under Comfort, so the chances of us getting a cab will be higher and faster, we have to call through the operator which usually takes very long to get through especially during peak hours. Also, the most common feedback we got from the drivers that picked us up were that the operators didn’t tell them that there will be a dog despite me reminding the operator to ‘please let the driver know I have a medium dog on leash with me’

So sometimes, we have to face unhappy driver throughout the journey because they didn’t have a choice but to pick us up and feel cheated. Most of our experience with Comfort are pretty pleasant though!

Tel: 65521111
Rates and Charges:


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We then started using GrabTaxi that allows us to book cabs with usual cab charges through the app and have the option to leave a remark for the drivers notifying them that we have a dog. We had pleasant experience initially until I think the competitiveness starts to get really tough, so when a request is available, the drivers fight to accept it as soon as possible without reading our remark regarding the dog.

After a few times of having Malay drivers getting our booking, and drivers that rejected us upon reaching and saw that we have a dog, I started contacting the drivers once they accepted our booking to notify them of the dog despite that I have already stated it during the booking. Which thankfully I did as many of them said they didn’t saw the remark and some of them would request me to cancel the booking.

GrabTaxi became our second choice when we couldn’t get any drivers from Uber as they still have many cabs available compared to Uber.


We Live in A Flat‘s experience with GrabTaxi:


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Our current first choice whenever we head out now! It is also an app booking. There’s an option to choose if you want to request for private cars under Uber which is uberX or normal cabs. We usually opt for uberX when there’s one as I find that uberX’s drivers are much more friendly and eager when I called to notify them that I have a dog. Most of them always reply with ‘Sure! No problem! Why not?’ rather than feeling forced to pick us up. We even have Malay Uber drivers accepting us! Yay! Also, there are no booking fees for uberX! Double Yay!  One thing to note, payment option is only available with credit/debit cards.

If you have not tried Uber and you’re keen to try, key in this promo code under Promotion to be entitled to $10 off for your first ride – ‘uberchenelinn

uberX charges:

Off Peak:
Base Fare – $3.50
Per Minute – $0.24
Per Kilometer – $0.40
Minimum Fare – $8
Cancellation Fee – $6 (after 5 mins of your initial request)
Monday – Friday: 5pm – 10am, Saturday/Sunday: All day
Base Fare – $3.50
Per Minute – $0.30
Per Kilometer – $0.50
Minimum Fare – $8
Cancellation Fee – $6 (after 5 mins of your initial request)

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If we have multiple dogs to share a transport with, we will opt for PawPrintz whom is specially catered to fetch dogs! As his vehicle is a van with seats at the back, there are ample space in the middle for the dogs to lie around. It’s the opposite for my case though. Cookie is the one sitting on the seats while I sit on the floor *sigh. However, PawPrintz require confirmation in advance. So impromptu outings will be a no-go. Good thing is we can get our transport planned so we can go places that we won’t usually go as it’s hard to get transport back such as again, Sentosa and Green Corridor.

I love Paw Printz’s vehicle the best out of all the other transports due to the space! However, do note as they specializes in transporting dogs, their rates are higher than normal cabs.

For 1 human and 1 dog:
First 3KM – $20
Subsequent 1KM – $1 (continue as $1 per KM for return trip)
Additional stops – $5 / stop
Additional human – $5 / pax
Additional dog – $3 / 4 /5 (small, medium, large)
Tel: 91299270


Here are some other pet transports that we have yet to try but enquired before:

DawkStar – 82019789
Per Trip: $25 (additional stop count as per trip as well)
Additional dog: $10
No additional charge for humans
Peak hour surcharge (Sunday) – $10
Doggy Magic – 96136865
Pets Sunday – 91182996
Round Trip -$40 to $60 (for 2 humans & 2 dogs)
Additional human – $5 / pax
Additional dog – $5 / dog

Let me know if you have tried any of the mentioned transports! Share with me your experience. And if you know of any other transports, do share with me so I can add it on in this post (:



And here’s where Cookie sits when we take transports from cabs and uberX! He used to sit on my lap but I always land with bruises due to his heavy body and finger nails. There will also be some fur on the seats despite me trying my best to avoid him touching the seats. So to make him more comfortable and more pleasant rides for both us and the drivers, I switched him to sitting on the floor.


Looking much more secure and comfortable than being on my lap! He can also lie down freely when he’s tired after our outings. No more fur on the seats too! It also increases our chance of drivers accepting our booking upon knowing he will be on the floor despite not being in a cage or carrier. It also doesn’t hurt to assure the driver that your dog will be well behaved on the car, won’t jump around and pee / poo inside 😛

Being extra friendly with the drivers not only make the trip more pleasant, it also helps to create chances for other dog owners to have higher rate of successfully getting a booking made too! Because if your driver had a great time fetching you, chances are he will continue to accept more bookings with dogs! So SMILEEEEE~


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