Cookie’s 3rd Birthday on 10th July 2015

It’s been another year! My second time celebrating Cookie’s birthday with him. Everybody has been saying this, and I need to say it too! Time seriously pass so fast! From an overgrown puppy at 1 year 4 months when I brought him home, to an adult dog at three year old. Although he still act like a baby most of the time šŸ˜›

This year, we did not have a party due to my medical appointment. So we had a quiet gathering with a few friends of his on his actual birthday!

My fat baby with a cake I made and a customized tart from Feed My Paws.

Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the group photo of the day, but it’s uploaded on the Instagram thankfully!

Cookie, Paris, Angel and Shiro. The Japanese Spitz of the day!

Resident dog of the cafe, Mia. Cookie is really scared of her!

Duffy! Our new favorite friend that we’ve met for a couple of times. More to come!


Closer look of the tart and cake:

Tuna flavored tart


First layer, ‘egg mayo’ made of eggs and yoghurt. Then pork and japanese cucumber for the meat layers, and lastly pumpkin for the middle layer!

And despite it’s a quiet birthday this year, we have received lots of blessings and wishes from people around different countries in Instagram for Cookie. We really appreciate them and is super thankful!

Also, thank you guys for the presents!


8 thoughts on “Cookie’s 3rd Birthday on 10th July 2015

  1. Compare cookie’s face when sitting with Mia and Duffy’s face when sitting with Cookie šŸ˜› HAHAHAHA *oops* Cookie look very happy and cute next to Duffy šŸ˜› Sorry we missed it!! – – Donna until now still no fate to eat the tart – – so sad… šŸ˜› ;P


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