Kanon’s 2nd Birthday



We were invited to Kanon’s birthday celebration on a weekend before his actual birthday. And had fun we did!


All of the humans had a really tough time getting the dogs to stay and to look at the cameras. I’m thankful Cookie usually does not jump down from a higher platform. So I can concentrate on taking photos.


Being at outdoor with a big place for the dogs to explore around, we have to take photos of the happy dogs right?

Donna fromΒ We Live In A Flat and Cookie! The not so parkour furkids πŸ˜›

Paris and Cookie! The not-really siblings, siblings.

Birthday boy in the middle with the bandana that says the obvious πŸ˜›

After the party is over, we borrowed the balloons to take some photos!

Fly away, Orange. Be free! For your job as decoration for the party is now over!


How can we miss out a group photo of the PCKC gang?

Cookie, Paris, Cudtlez and Kanon!

Cheerful Donna that had lots of fun at the party!

Thank you Kanon for the invite once again! We certainly had lots of fun!

May you stay handsome, healthy and joyful always! Continue to protect your bromance partner, Cookie when he get bullied okay! But don’t be too fierce. Heheheh! Hope you two will continue to get along so well so we can have more fun and adventures together! We love you! And your awesome mama S!


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