Bone Broth

Post done in July

We’ve been seeing a few posts on Bone Broth surfacing on our Facebook timeline recently, so I went to take a look and was pretty interested in trying it out for Cookie because of the first benefit we read about. That Bone Broth is good for joints. Cookie has weak hind legs that will cause pain easily. So I was set to try it out!

I googled ‘Bone Broth For Dogs’ and clicked on the first link: < click to see the instructions and listed benefits.


After putting in the fridge to chill, it became jelly-like consistency as said by the instructions! “If it has a jelly-­like consistency when it’s cold you’ve done a good job of it!” Yay!

Here’s the types of bones we used. I didn’t know which to use initially so I stood at the chiller for a very long time, wondering which to get. In the end decided to just get all types of bones I can see.


I thought it’s  pretty legit to ‘heal legs with legs’ So chicken feet it is!

Got two of this as there wasn’t any other chicken parts I can find.

 Because the instruction said to must include joint bones. Cookie had the meat for dinner, and was so happy about it!


And the website stated to must have cartilage. So I got it from pork because I couldn’t see any from chicken meat.

Note: I’m not very sure where cartilage is supposed to be, but I googled and and assume it’s the white part of the bone like above photo. Not sure if it’s the correct part, but the broth came out successful anyway 😛

I started boiling it at 2:30PM, and was concerned if the pot was big enough because the bones were a lot!

It was bloody due to the pork bones. I made sure to boil it long enough in another pot before going to the slow cooker for the future batches.


7PM, 4.5 hours later. Bones started to break apart! It’s also when I added Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m supposed to add it right at the start but I forgot about it.

Next day, 11AM after 21 hours. The broth got lesser because I took out some for Cookie’s meals 😛


2:30PM, after 24 hours! Before straining the bones and oil.

I also added half clove of garlic to one pot of bone broth. As it’s my first time preparing garlic for Cookie, I didn’t dare to add too much and also, we were sharing the bone broth with his friends! For next pot, I would probably increase to 1 clove. To be safe, although the recommended portion was 1 clove a day for 20+ pounds dog. I would rather feed less than to overfeed.

I  am also planning to make it a regular supplement for Cookie by including it daily for his food intake either by giving as a freeze treat or include in his dinner. Because it’s really cheap and simple to prepare! I’ve also tried adding agar powder to make it into jelly but didn’t work very well for our first try probably because I added too little agar powder. Will try again for the next round!

8th August 2015

We’ve already done our third batch of Bone Broth today! Switched some bones since the second batch. And the broth became even more precious after almost 24 hours of boiling as it was dried up.

What’s left after taking out the bones after 24 hours.

Ready to go into the freezer for daily intake!

Happy Cookie! Awesome nutritious bone broth waiting for him!


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