Cookie’s Latest Diet

Whao! Has it been more than a year?! Okay, it has.

Many things has changed now since a year ago. Mainly Cookie’s diet. Due to a ‘yellow’ light in his health result during his annual check up in March 2016, and the following monthly blood test until August that shows that it’s not improving, we decided to go for raw.

Like many others, I have always thought of trying out raw. But thoughts were just thoughts. Too many things to consider, such as if I can feed a well balanced meal.

So with the big push from his health result, I decided I have to do it. Read and read, research and research, ask and ask. I had constant headache for days during that period. I was just so stressed out. Because obviously, raw diet is not just feeding raw meat.

And on 22nd August 2016, Cookie finally had his first raw meal! We switched to commercial raw such as freeze dried for breakfast and stick to diy raw for dinner because I feel commercial is well balanced such as the vitamins and supplement, and has more variety than what I could find locally. Still not as confident in the diy, worried he will be lacking on some nutrition.

We have just reached the milestone of two months in raw feeding, and it has been a really good journey so far! Cookie reacted well to the changes and love the food!

Here’s some of his meals!


If you’re interested in switching to raw, please do sufficient research and reading. And don’t be scared to ask anything around. I am thankful I have friends around that feeds raw, and are willing to guide me and share their tips with me.

You can refer to Perfectly Rawsome and Wooga DogΒ as they have very informative posts.

Remember, there’s never ending of learning in the diet so always keep a lookout!


Let’s hope I can be back to post again very soon!


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