Kohepets – Online Pet Shop Review

Last month, we received an email from Kohepets asking if we’re interested in reviewing their online retail store. So here’s one! Perhaps, in time for some Christmas Shopping?


If you’re active in the pets world social medias, it’s quite impossible to have not heard about Kohepets as they have been around since 2011, and is one of the most well known online retail store around.

I love their website too! It totally fits in their nature of business. Looking so cute and neat instead of the general websites that have a more ‘professional’ colours and layout.


Everything is so accessible, basically able to navigate almost everywhere from just one page. Instead of linking here and there just to get to a product that you want to view. Being the lazy one, I approve!

While the webpage is good, the service is very important too. One thing about online business is you cannot be there in person to serve the customer. As such, you have to rely on your replies and messages to show your friendliness since you cannot smile in front of the computer and expect the customers to see that right? ๐Ÿ˜›

Ursula totally nailed that. For one, she replies really fast and doesn’t make me feel like she was rushing the replies. Especially when we have some problems with the order.

Kohepets offered us some credits for their store and here’s what we chose!


Oops! Just realised they are all almost in blue ๐Ÿ˜›

Ursula gave an extra service, promising to try and source for anything that I wanted to get but is not available in their store. And she did! I was pretty interested in the Freedom Harness so I told her about it. She immediately went to approach the distributor and kept me updated on the progress.

I asked for recommendation on a retractable leash as well, as I have not use any before. I’m planning on using it for training purposes such as recall training, not for normal walks. And Ursula was able to recommend me something too! Love such services because I always cannot decide on something. My favorite question for shopping, even on foods: “which one would you recommend?” I think anyone that serves me will hate me. Hahaha!

Unfortunately, we met with a problem with the Dog Bowl which turned out smaller than expected, as the measurements was inaccurate from the web (given by distributor). I gave a feedback to Ursula about it, and she offered to change to another size that I prefer, even to the largest one (more expensive) that was way over our credits which I offered to top up and said not to worry about that. Most importantly, is it’ll be sufficient enough forย Cookie. Love their service so much already ๐Ÿ˜›

So excited when we receive the harness and retractable leash that we tried out on a walk!


Asked Kohepets for the size recommendation (again) as Cookie falls between two sizes, and the one they recommended fits perfectly!


Such a useful tool, especially when I prefer to stay seated while he wants to wander around. Hahaha!

Extra points! I was feeling bad that Ursula had to do extra work such as sourcing the product for us, and double checking the measurements of the dog bowl for us to exchanging another one from our doorstep so I apologised to her on both times, but she assured me there was nothing to apologise for, as they gained a new product to be on their webstore, and found the mistake if I didn’t brought it up. Making me feel so much better. Part time consellor here! Haha!

Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience, Kohepets!

Spend just over $60 for free shipping!