A White Christmas Party

What happens when you put a couple of very ‘on’ ladies together? You get a Christmas Party coming your way in less than a month of organizing. Hahaha!

We planned “A White Christmas” party along with Sam Forest Loo Lim, Vanillapup and iscreambailey and we had fun!



Look who is ready for the party! Managed to find a cheap costume for him on the very last minute!


Not ready! And look who photobombed!




Goodie bag with really nice stuffs inside! Head down to see what’s inside the bag!


Are you ready for the foods? Because we are!


For the humans! There’s still more!


For the dogs!


I heard all the guests headed for the dog foods first instead of the humans’ one. Truly awesome dog owners! 😛


So many stuffs! So glad we have many positive feedbacks about the contents. Nothing beats receiving really useful and awesome goodie bag!

Sorry that I do not have photos of the lucky draw session! But we had many prizes that over half of the guests got to go home with something! Sorry if any of the guests didn’t win anything, but I hope the foods and goodie bag made up for it!

Did you know our grand prize was a Regent Hotel stay? And @mangothesheltie won it! Came timely as his mommy’s birthday is coming!

The party wouldn’t have been a successful one if not for our sponsors!



Thankful to all the sponsors for sponsoring the prizes for lucky draw and goodie bags! Special thanks to Ah B Cafe for letting us host the party there, and the extra efforts with the preparation of all the foods! And many many thanks to Skippy the RoboDog for helping us so so so much!


Here’s a couple of photos from @mangothesheltie!


Also, thank you @mangothesheltie and @codybanksthesheltie for helping me to take photos and taking care of Cookie for me throughout the party!


Managed to take a photo at the photobooth after the party ended!


Lastly, thank you Keying, Sarah and Jamie for all the work and effort done for bringing this party together!

[Photos from my camera are all taken by Mango The Sheltie, @codybanksthesheltie and me]

For more photos, you can visit Mango The Sheltie’s album, Sam Forest Loo Lim’s post or Vanillapup’s post about the party! Check out #awhitechristmasparty in Instagram too!


Roboyes Cafe

On one fine weekday afternoon, we headed to Roboyes Cafe for the first time!

Lovely entrance that has some flower decorations.

Very awesome double door!

This was at another blocked off corner which I assume is for private events or customers that does not like dogs.


Cheesee Quesadilla – $9

It was pretty good, serving was quite big for one person but nobody is complaining 😛

Cheeky boy checking the cafe out as we’re the only ones there for the first half visit

I also love that they have seats by the window and with the cafe being under a flat, there were quite a number of people walking pass which is what Cookie love to do. Just sitting there and looking at people walking around.

Happy boy says he will be back! Because the boss is very friendly and generous with giving him treats 😛

Space: 4/5  – Very little tables which in return, has more space for the dogs. 
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: 4/5 – Has cheaper options with decent servings compared to other dog cafes
Taste: 4/5 – Based on my order


Roboyes Cafe

Address: 34 Cassia Crescent #01-82, Singapore 390034
Tel: 6635 7923 & 9106 4700

Opening Hours:
Close on Monday except eve of PH & PH
Sun – Thu: 12 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 pm – 10:30 pm


Ah B Cafe

We have been to Ah B Cafe for quite a number of time, will continue to go over often, I foresee. As we really love the place!

Not many tables, and they are not placed very near to each other. Spaces for the dogs should be the priority, thumbs up!

Counter where the menu will be at, and where to order & make payment. Right by the entrance.

Condiments and wash area.

Mop and pee pad! Very accessible, right by the wash area for easy cleaning. I also love it when cafes places their pee pads like this instead of under a pee tray. Selfish reason though, as Cookie only uses pee pad when nothing is on top as this is how he uses it at home too. So most of the time, he would pee, poop and mark there when we go. Yay!

Did you know they have hooks like this around the cafe’s walls so that you can keep your dogs leashed when needed such as when you’re having your meals? I totally didn’t notice them until the staff pointed it to us when @weliveinaflat was trying to keep Donna on the leash during one of our visits 😛

Chicken Bolognese – $14.8


Space: 4/5  – However, many blind spots blocked by furniture if your dog runs around freely at the indoor. They have a few tables available at the outdoor area which has fences, so no worries to off leash your dogs too.
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: 3/5 – Cheapest around $15 and above for a main course and canned drink
Taste: 3/5 – So far the main courses that I have tried are not really to my liking. However, do try their Lava Cake!


Ah B Cafe

Address: Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000
Tel: 68111408

Opening Hours:
Close on Monday
Tue – Fri: 1:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm



@parislepetite‘s humans ordered a feast from Pawlicious that is right next door from Ah B Cafe! They provide delivery service to you at Ah B Cafe if you’re not sitting at their place.



Our latest visit there was with @parislepetite and @cudtlez_babyboy!