SG Spitz Festival 2017

Quick update!

We attended our first major Japanese Spitz gathering today at Sembawang Park! I’ve always avoided large gatherings of the breed because… this breed just doesn’t mix well together in peace. Hahaha!

Kept a lookout on Cookie like a hawk throughout, and kept him on leash most of the time. Glad I did. Because we did encounter a couple of active unleashed dogs intruding Cookie’s personal space and comfort zone too much. So it was much easier for me to control.

Anyway, this was a second date of the gathering as the weather didn’t cooperate on the original date. There were rain too this morning before the gathering. But glad it turned out fine just in time!


A photo with the banner! Such an effort to have one!

However, as expected of the anti-social Cookie, all he wants to do is to sniff the areas and mark around.


Sniffing everywhere! How about sniffing out some treasures for me so I can buy you more treats? 😛


“Hahahaha. How about sniffing them out yourself!”


“Here’s some fresh gold coming up for you!”

Good place to do his business. Right infront of the bin! And yes, please keep the park clean! Clear up your litters and pick up the poops!


Back to sniffing….


Happy boy! Overall, the space is great for the turnouts. Not crowded at all.


A random spitz buddy running towards me!

After awhile, Kanon and Cudtlez reached! Yay! It has been a long time since we met!P1190162P1190169P1190171

All the same faces from tired dogs 😛

Surprised there’s an actual photobooth set up! There’s props too!


And a mini and simple agility setup. P1190182P1190185P1190188P1190190

Cookie did it! Not bad, boy!

There’s also lucky draw and obedience contest.

I was quite upset over a remark made during the contest.
Dogs are required to stay inside a hulahoop for a min with distractions such as toys and foods prepared by the organiser for the first round. And those that could last for a min, make it to the second round.

Cookie managed to last 26 seconds. Oops. Cause I got distracted when the organiser took out Purina treat and place it right infront of his face. Worried he’ll eat it, I told the organiser not to let him eat it as I don’t feed that rubbish brand. That’s when his paws came out of the hoop.

Next was a fellow spitz friend’s turn and I asked the organiser if the owner can feed her own treats as reward while the dog is remaining inside the hoop. He said yes, so the owner started rewarding. That’s when another organiser came over and said loudly & sacarstically “huh, how can feed like this. If feed like that, my dog also can stay inside for 1 hour”

I don’t think that was something pleasant to say, especially infront of the dog owner. And especially when the in-charge of the contest there said it was ok. #oversensitivedogownerhere

I also thought bigger sizes spitz were at disadvantage there as the hoop was a pretty small size one, and it’s a fixed size. So a smaller dog definitely have more room to fidget and move around with the distractions and temptations. Maybe something like staying behind a line with distractions placed infront of the line would have been better. But hey, it’s just a friendly and fun contest to entertain everyone so guess it doesn’t matter too much 😛

Camera was low in battery after that so no photos! We managed to stay till the event ended. Good job!


Guess whose the tallest in the group photo! 😛
Credit to fluffy_spitz

Before leaving, goodie bags were given to everyone.

Here’s a peak!


Look at that kpo boy.

Overall, we had a great time, Cookie did prettyyyyy well, I would say.

Thank you organisers for making the effort and time to make this gathering happen!


A White Christmas Party

What happens when you put a couple of very ‘on’ ladies together? You get a Christmas Party coming your way in less than a month of organizing. Hahaha!

We planned “A White Christmas” party along with Sam Forest Loo Lim, Vanillapup and iscreambailey and we had fun!



Look who is ready for the party! Managed to find a cheap costume for him on the very last minute!


Not ready! And look who photobombed!




Goodie bag with really nice stuffs inside! Head down to see what’s inside the bag!


Are you ready for the foods? Because we are!


For the humans! There’s still more!


For the dogs!


I heard all the guests headed for the dog foods first instead of the humans’ one. Truly awesome dog owners! 😛


So many stuffs! So glad we have many positive feedbacks about the contents. Nothing beats receiving really useful and awesome goodie bag!

Sorry that I do not have photos of the lucky draw session! But we had many prizes that over half of the guests got to go home with something! Sorry if any of the guests didn’t win anything, but I hope the foods and goodie bag made up for it!

Did you know our grand prize was a Regent Hotel stay? And @mangothesheltie won it! Came timely as his mommy’s birthday is coming!

The party wouldn’t have been a successful one if not for our sponsors!



Thankful to all the sponsors for sponsoring the prizes for lucky draw and goodie bags! Special thanks to Ah B Cafe for letting us host the party there, and the extra efforts with the preparation of all the foods! And many many thanks to Skippy the RoboDog for helping us so so so much!


Here’s a couple of photos from @mangothesheltie!


Also, thank you @mangothesheltie and @codybanksthesheltie for helping me to take photos and taking care of Cookie for me throughout the party!


Managed to take a photo at the photobooth after the party ended!


Lastly, thank you Keying, Sarah and Jamie for all the work and effort done for bringing this party together!

[Photos from my camera are all taken by Mango The Sheltie, @codybanksthesheltie and me]

For more photos, you can visit Mango The Sheltie’s album, Sam Forest Loo Lim’s post or Vanillapup’s post about the party! Check out #awhitechristmasparty in Instagram too!

Paris’s 2nd Birthday Party

Happy birthday to our little Paris! We were invited to her pool party yesterday at The Wagington. Other than the weather, we had a really fun time although we stayed dry 😛



Look at all the awesome foods, treats and gifts the hosts prepared for the doggies!

The first to arrive! Kanon, Cookie and Lucky!

Cookie’s playmate, Cody! Also Paris’s boyfriend 😛

My favorite girl, Donna from We Live In A Flat!

Amber and Tazzy! They sure had the most fun!

One of the rare times where they were more than happy to stay for photos under the shade because it was really hot! And look at Cookie still so happy with Donna sitting on him. My silly boy! He had his payback as well, resting his paws on Donna 😛

Just look at that cheeky birthday girl at the back!

Group photo to end the post! Donna was getting too comfy on the sofa, we can’t see her! Opps.

Happy birthday to Paris once again! And thank you, Paris’s humans for inviting us and kudos for putting in so much effort on this party!

Doggy Day Out – Indulge at Park

On 25th July, Saturday we were invited to “Doggy Day Out” at Grand Park City Hall, Indulge at Park for a scrumptious buffet breakfast thanks to the hotel itself and the partner, Brio Pets!

There were also an agility try out from Clean Run Agility Club, booth from Action from Singapore Dogs, and DJs from Class 95FM!


Sampling for dogs! Bosch, from Germany

Goodie bags!

Look Left,

Look Right,

Still not ready…

Okay, smile!


A couple of photos when Cookie is trying out the agility course taken by We Live In A Flat! A pity we only get to try out two of them due to time constraint.


Food motivated!

We had lots of fun that day! A very nice place to be at for a weekend morning with our dogs, and enjoy breakfast! What makes it better? It’s buffet! Super awesome!

Grand Park City Hall is opening their arms to dogs from August 2015 onwards where every weekends, you can bring along your furry friends for their breakfast buffet at Indulge at Park, alfresco area.

Grand Park City Hall Hotel,dining_viewItem_182-en.html

10 Coleman St, Singapore 179809

Kanon’s 2nd Birthday



We were invited to Kanon’s birthday celebration on a weekend before his actual birthday. And had fun we did!


All of the humans had a really tough time getting the dogs to stay and to look at the cameras. I’m thankful Cookie usually does not jump down from a higher platform. So I can concentrate on taking photos.


Being at outdoor with a big place for the dogs to explore around, we have to take photos of the happy dogs right?

Donna from We Live In A Flat and Cookie! The not so parkour furkids 😛

Paris and Cookie! The not-really siblings, siblings.

Birthday boy in the middle with the bandana that says the obvious 😛

After the party is over, we borrowed the balloons to take some photos!

Fly away, Orange. Be free! For your job as decoration for the party is now over!


How can we miss out a group photo of the PCKC gang?

Cookie, Paris, Cudtlez and Kanon!

Cheerful Donna that had lots of fun at the party!

Thank you Kanon for the invite once again! We certainly had lots of fun!

May you stay handsome, healthy and joyful always! Continue to protect your bromance partner, Cookie when he get bullied okay! But don’t be too fierce. Heheheh! Hope you two will continue to get along so well so we can have more fun and adventures together! We love you! And your awesome mama S!

Appreciation to the Sponsors & Trip to Shelters and HOPE

So…. It’s been more than a month since our Dogs of Instagram SG’s Christmas Party. And I just hasn’t have the time to settle down on the table and do up a post about it even though I’ve already edited the photos. However, I didn’t take many photos on that day so there wasn’t much to post about. So you guys can refer to We Live In A Flat and Life With Lycan Lexie for their detailed posts! Instead, here’s a post to say a big thank you to the sponsors that helped make the party a success, and regarding the trips to the shelters and organization that will receive the donations.

Here’s a video on the highlight of the party:

Videos by Some White Cookie, Life With Lycan Lexie, edited by We Live In A Flat

Photo edited by We Live In A Flat, collage by Life With Lycan Lexie.

Thank you to:

myfurfriends – Donation and Goodie Bags

Wagging Rights – Goodie Bags and Lucky Draw

Oh Pop Dog – Prizes for Best Dressed Dog Contest

Thedufstore – Lucky Draw

Little Cherry – Donation, Lucky Draw and Goodie Bags

The Barkery – Runway, Treat Table and Goodie Bags

Barking Good – Treat Table, Goodie Bags and Lucky Draw

Furrific – Goodie Bags and Lucky Draw

Paw Mart – Goodie Bags

Anna Phan – Photographer

Feed My Paws – Donation

Another special thanks to We Live In A Flat, Mango The Sheltie and Life With Lycan Lexie for their time and effort on planning this party from scratch, especially JX whom took the time to contact sponsors!

Here’s some very little photos taken during the party:

Happy Cookie with his goodies back home after the party!

On Christmas Eve 2014, I headed down to Gentle Paws and Uncle Khoe’s k9 with the help of Paw Mart to deliver the kibbles donated by Little Cherry that is worth $500!

First stop, Uncle Khoe’s!

Then next door to Gentle Paws!

Then on 11th January, with the help of kookysheltie, we went ahead to deliver donated kibbles and leashes from myfurfriends to HOPE Dog Resue. We also separately donated a total of $244.7, leftovers from the Christmas Party to HOPE.

Little Harper! Has been following her updates ever since the volunteers found her in a very small size comparable to a very tiny Styrofoam cup. So glad to see her growing up well and strong.

And this marks the end of our Christmas Party! Once again, thank you so much to those that attended. Because of you guys, the dogs from shelters and rescued dogs from organization is able to benefit and given additional love.

Halloween 2014

Way overdue’s post! Our Halloween outing during 25th October 2014! I’ve already edited the photos, but just didn’t have the time to really sit down and blog about it. Until now!

It was our third time to Marina Barrage, and I really love bringing Cookie there when it’s not crowded!

The previous night before the event, I stayed in the kitchen for hours to bake these cookies for trick or treat for the dogs, follow by dehydrating treats.

It’s Apple & Cinnamon flavour, and Tuna & Wolfberries flavour.

Comes with cute packaging!

We went together with @kookysheltie and reached early. So we went ahead to take photos before it gets more crowded and while the sun is still up!

After awhile, our friends started coming!

It got really crowded and I think we ended up with over 20 dogs!

Quite loving this photo of Life With Lycan Lexie‘s family. A pity Lexie is hidden behind Lycan!

The group went for a night walk after our picnic except a few of us that were too tired or too busy taking photos 😛

Here’s Cookie with his treat or trick’s loots! Thank you so much for the treats! Cookie sure had lots of fun eating them.