SG Spitz Festival 2017

Quick update!

We attended our first major Japanese Spitz gathering today at Sembawang Park! I’ve always avoided large gatherings of the breed because… this breed just doesn’t mix well together in peace. Hahaha!

Kept a lookout on Cookie like a hawk throughout, and kept him on leash most of the time. Glad I did. Because we did encounter a couple of active unleashed dogs intruding Cookie’s personal space and comfort zone too much. So it was much easier for me to control.

Anyway, this was a second date of the gathering as the weather didn’t cooperate on the original date. There were rain too this morning before the gathering. But glad it turned out fine just in time!


A photo with the banner! Such an effort to have one!

However, as expected of the anti-social Cookie, all he wants to do is to sniff the areas and mark around.


Sniffing everywhere! How about sniffing out some treasures for me so I can buy you more treats? πŸ˜›


“Hahahaha. How about sniffing them out yourself!”


“Here’s some fresh gold coming up for you!”

Good place to do his business. Right infront of the bin! And yes, please keep the park clean! Clear up your litters and pick up the poops!


Back to sniffing….


Happy boy! Overall, the space is great for the turnouts. Not crowded at all.


A random spitz buddy running towards me!

After awhile, Kanon and Cudtlez reached! Yay! It has been a long time since we met!P1190162P1190169P1190171

All the same faces from tired dogs πŸ˜›

Surprised there’s an actual photobooth set up! There’s props too!


And a mini and simple agility setup.Β P1190182P1190185P1190188P1190190

Cookie did it! Not bad, boy!

There’s also lucky draw and obedience contest.

I was quite upset over a remark made during the contest.
Dogs are required to stay inside a hulahoop for a min with distractions such as toys and foods prepared by the organiser for the first round. And those that could last for a min, make it to the second round.

Cookie managed to last 26 seconds. Oops. Cause I got distracted when the organiser took out Purina treat and place it right infront of his face. Worried he’ll eat it, I told the organiser not to let him eat it as I don’t feed that rubbish brand. That’s when his paws came out of the hoop.

Next was a fellow spitz friend’s turn and I asked the organiser if the owner can feed her own treats as reward while the dog is remaining inside the hoop. He said yes, so the owner started rewarding. That’s when another organiser came over and said loudly & sacarstically “huh, how can feed like this. If feed like that, my dog also can stay inside for 1 hour”

I don’t think that was something pleasant to say, especially infront of the dog owner. And especially when the in-charge of the contest there said it was ok. #oversensitivedogownerhere

I also thought bigger sizes spitz were at disadvantage there as the hoop was a pretty small size one, and it’s a fixed size. So a smaller dog definitely have more room to fidget and move around with the distractions and temptations. Maybe something like staying behind a line with distractions placed infront of the line would have been better. But hey, it’s just a friendly and fun contest to entertain everyone so guess it doesn’t matter too much πŸ˜›

Camera was low in battery after that so no photos! We managed to stay till the event ended. Good job!


Guess whose the tallest in the group photo! πŸ˜›
Credit to fluffy_spitz

Before leaving, goodie bags were given to everyone.

Here’s a peak!


Look at that kpo boy.

Overall, we had a great time, Cookie did prettyyyyy well, I would say.

Thank you organisers for making the effort and time to make this gathering happen!


Paris’s 2nd Birthday Party

Happy birthday to our little Paris! We were invited to her pool party yesterday at The Wagington. Other than the weather, we had a really fun time although we stayed dry πŸ˜›



Look at all the awesome foods, treats and gifts the hosts prepared for the doggies!

The first to arrive! Kanon, Cookie and Lucky!

Cookie’s playmate, Cody! Also Paris’s boyfriend πŸ˜›

My favorite girl, Donna from We Live In A Flat!

Amber and Tazzy! They sure had the most fun!

One of the rare times where they were more than happy to stay for photos under the shade because it was really hot! And look at Cookie still so happy with Donna sitting on him. My silly boy! He had his payback as well, resting his paws on Donna πŸ˜›

Just look at that cheeky birthday girl at the back!

Group photo to end the post! Donna was getting too comfy on the sofa, we can’t see her! Opps.

Happy birthday to Paris once again! And thank you, Paris’s humans for inviting us and kudos for putting in so much effort on this party!

Kanon’s 2nd Birthday



We were invited to Kanon’s birthday celebration on a weekend before his actual birthday. And had fun we did!


All of the humans had a really tough time getting the dogs to stay and to look at the cameras. I’m thankful Cookie usually does not jump down from a higher platform. So I can concentrate on taking photos.


Being at outdoor with a big place for the dogs to explore around, we have to take photos of the happy dogs right?

Donna fromΒ We Live In A Flat and Cookie! The not so parkour furkids πŸ˜›

Paris and Cookie! The not-really siblings, siblings.

Birthday boy in the middle with the bandana that says the obvious πŸ˜›

After the party is over, we borrowed the balloons to take some photos!

Fly away, Orange. Be free! For your job as decoration for the party is now over!


How can we miss out a group photo of the PCKC gang?

Cookie, Paris, Cudtlez and Kanon!

Cheerful Donna that had lots of fun at the party!

Thank you Kanon for the invite once again! We certainly had lots of fun!

May you stay handsome, healthy and joyful always! Continue to protect your bromance partner, Cookie when he get bullied okay! But don’t be too fierce. Heheheh! Hope you two will continue to get along so well so we can have more fun and adventures together! We love you! And your awesome mama S!

All On Board! – Pet Cruise Day!

We had the opportunity to experience our first boat ride together with Mango The Sheltie, Life With Lycan Lexie and We Live In A Flat!

Thanks to Joe, from Pet CruiseΒ that offered us a discounted rate for the ride. Our Itinerary for the 2 hours ride was first to set off from Marina Country Club to Coney Island for some beach fun, then to the open water near the Punggol Point, where we rented bicycles for the cycling dayΒ then back to shore!

Setting off to our first stop, Coney Island!

Unfortunately for me, I was worried I’ll get seasick so i remained seated without moving much so photos are limited.

Relaxed dog is a good sign! Was worried if he’ll get seasick or just feel insecure on a rocking boat.

Open water where you can simply swim from the rear of the boat. Nope, we didn’t head down as Cookie is not a fan of swimming, much less straight to somewhere deep. Hehehe.

Happy to be just on board and look at the views!

And yes, life jacket of multiple sizes are provided on board with no extra charges!

Sadly, we don’t have any photos on Coney Island as I decided not to bring the camera down in case it got wet. We didn’t explore much as well because the beach was not very clean with lots of fish bones and rubbish. Which I got pricked by a fish bone, and Cookie tried to pick up a few rubbish. So after awhile, I kept him on leash and remain in one corner to watch the others play!

It was a really fun experience, and we did enjoy the boat ride. Perhaps a better location such as Seletar Island which was recommended by Joe whom mentioned it’s a much more beautiful place will make the trip more pleasant. Well, there’s always a next time for us!

For more photos and information, (especially photos of Coney Island!):

Thank you Pet CruiseΒ once again for the wonderful day!

Here’s something awesome from Pet Cruise!:

Instead of booking the entire boat which is their policy, they are opening up by taking per pax booking from our readers! This will be more economical and allow you to mingle and interact with other dogs and owners.
Instead of the usual price of $30 per pax, they are offering:
$25 per pax ( each pet = 1 pax ) for a 2 hour cruise! That is a 16% discount!
Once they have 10 pax, they will go ahead with a cruise.
The skipper will decide where to go, which is either coney, seletar island or punggol beach.
Upcoming cruise day will be:
24 May Sunday – 11am – 1pm if you’re interested to try out!
Lastly, just remember to include the code ‘pcdois‘ to be entitled to the special offer!
This discount will be valid from May to June only!

Donna’s Gotcha Day

On 11th January 2015, Sunday, we headed to Lower Pierce Reservoir early in the morning because we were invited to We Live In A Flat, Donna’s Gotcha Day Party! JX, the host planned for a picnic for that day.

Human’s food and the four legged friends’! Which is which, it’s for you to guess! Can’t believe how fortunate they are these days, to have such good foods.

Love this photo of Donna, the female lead alot. Totally shows how much she enjoyed the day!

Kookysheltie, Cookie, Mangothesheltie, Lifewithlycanlexie, Kanon_boy, Weliveinaflat – Donna and chocbanaa – Lucky!

We had a really enjoyable time, with good food, good weather, good companion and good place! Really loved that morning alot! Very glad to be invited to the party!

Thank you so much for the day, We Live In A Flat!

Halloween 2014

Way overdue’s post! Our Halloween outing during 25th October 2014! I’ve already edited the photos, but just didn’t have the time to really sit down and blog about it. Until now!

It was our third time to Marina Barrage, and I really love bringing Cookie there when it’s not crowded!

The previous night before the event, I stayed in the kitchen for hours to bake these cookies for trick or treat for the dogs, follow by dehydrating treats.

It’s Apple & Cinnamon flavour, and Tuna & Wolfberries flavour.

Comes with cute packaging!

We went together with @kookysheltieΒ and reached early. So we went ahead to take photos before it gets more crowded and while the sun is still up!

After awhile, our friends started coming!

It got really crowded and I think we ended up with over 20 dogs!

Quite loving this photo of Life With Lycan Lexie‘s family. A pity Lexie is hidden behind Lycan!

The group went for a night walk after our picnic except a few of us that were too tired or too busy taking photos πŸ˜›

Here’s Cookie with his treat or trick’s loots! Thank you so much for the treats! Cookie sure had lots of fun eating them.