Kohepets – Online Pet Shop Review

Last month, we received an email from Kohepets asking if we’re interested in reviewing their online retail store. So here’s one! Perhaps, in time for some Christmas Shopping?


If you’re active in the pets world social medias, it’s quite impossible to have not heard about Kohepets as they have been around since 2011, and is one of the most well known online retail store around.

I love their website too! It totally fits in their nature of business. Looking so cute and neat instead of the general websites that have a more ‘professional’ colours and layout.


Everything is so accessible, basically able to navigate almost everywhere from just one page. Instead of linking here and there just to get to a product that you want to view. Being the lazy one, I approve!

While the webpage is good, the service is very important too. One thing about online business is you cannot be there in person to serve the customer. As such, you have to rely on your replies and messages to show your friendliness since you cannot smile in front of the computer and expect the customers to see that right? 😛

Ursula totally nailed that. For one, she replies really fast and doesn’t make me feel like she was rushing the replies. Especially when we have some problems with the order.

Kohepets offered us some credits for their store and here’s what we chose!


Oops! Just realised they are all almost in blue 😛

Ursula gave an extra service, promising to try and source for anything that I wanted to get but is not available in their store. And she did! I was pretty interested in the Freedom Harness so I told her about it. She immediately went to approach the distributor and kept me updated on the progress.

I asked for recommendation on a retractable leash as well, as I have not use any before. I’m planning on using it for training purposes such as recall training, not for normal walks. And Ursula was able to recommend me something too! Love such services because I always cannot decide on something. My favorite question for shopping, even on foods: “which one would you recommend?” I think anyone that serves me will hate me. Hahaha!

Unfortunately, we met with a problem with the Dog Bowl which turned out smaller than expected, as the measurements was inaccurate from the web (given by distributor). I gave a feedback to Ursula about it, and she offered to change to another size that I prefer, even to the largest one (more expensive) that was way over our credits which I offered to top up and said not to worry about that. Most importantly, is it’ll be sufficient enough for Cookie. Love their service so much already 😛

So excited when we receive the harness and retractable leash that we tried out on a walk!


Asked Kohepets for the size recommendation (again) as Cookie falls between two sizes, and the one they recommended fits perfectly!


Such a useful tool, especially when I prefer to stay seated while he wants to wander around. Hahaha!

Extra points! I was feeling bad that Ursula had to do extra work such as sourcing the product for us, and double checking the measurements of the dog bowl for us to exchanging another one from our doorstep so I apologised to her on both times, but she assured me there was nothing to apologise for, as they gained a new product to be on their webstore, and found the mistake if I didn’t brought it up. Making me feel so much better. Part time consellor here! Haha!

Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience, Kohepets!

Spend just over $60 for free shipping!


Roboyes Cafe

On one fine weekday afternoon, we headed to Roboyes Cafe for the first time!

Lovely entrance that has some flower decorations.

Very awesome double door!

This was at another blocked off corner which I assume is for private events or customers that does not like dogs.


Cheesee Quesadilla – $9

It was pretty good, serving was quite big for one person but nobody is complaining 😛

Cheeky boy checking the cafe out as we’re the only ones there for the first half visit

I also love that they have seats by the window and with the cafe being under a flat, there were quite a number of people walking pass which is what Cookie love to do. Just sitting there and looking at people walking around.

Happy boy says he will be back! Because the boss is very friendly and generous with giving him treats 😛

Space: 4/5  – Very little tables which in return, has more space for the dogs. 
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: 4/5 – Has cheaper options with decent servings compared to other dog cafes
Taste: 4/5 – Based on my order


Roboyes Cafe

Address: 34 Cassia Crescent #01-82, Singapore 390034
Tel: 6635 7923 & 9106 4700

Opening Hours:
Close on Monday except eve of PH & PH
Sun – Thu: 12 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 pm – 10:30 pm


The Cornerstone

When I took a look at The Cornerstone’s Menu, I realised they have vegetarian options and has no onion and garlic dishes too! Immediately brought the vegetarian mother out with Cookie for a meal! What’s better than being able to dine at a place that allow dogs, and has vegetarian dishes too?



Pulled Pork Sandwich – $17

Vegetarian Mushroom Sandwich  $18

The dog friendly corner:


Unfortunately, their type of vegetarian is not really suitable for my mom as some of their vegetarian dishes contains egg or butter which my mom does not eat. So she may not be back. But, I might! The waitress for one, is very friendly and patient. Took the extra effort to double check on the vegetarian dishes multiple times for us without feeling impatient! My pulled pork sandwich was pretty good too! And that the place is situated at Bishan Park right beside the Dog Run, another plus point!


Price: 3/5 – Felt that the vegetarian dish was not very worth the price
Taste: 4/5 – Based on my sandwich. My mom did not enjoy her’s though


The Cornerstone

Address: 1380 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569930
Tel: 65547230

Opening hours:
Closed On Monday (Except Public Holidays)
Tuesday to Thur: 12 pm – 10:30 pm
Friday : 12 pm- 10:45 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 10:45 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 10:30 pm

Ah B Cafe

We have been to Ah B Cafe for quite a number of time, will continue to go over often, I foresee. As we really love the place!

Not many tables, and they are not placed very near to each other. Spaces for the dogs should be the priority, thumbs up!

Counter where the menu will be at, and where to order & make payment. Right by the entrance.

Condiments and wash area.

Mop and pee pad! Very accessible, right by the wash area for easy cleaning. I also love it when cafes places their pee pads like this instead of under a pee tray. Selfish reason though, as Cookie only uses pee pad when nothing is on top as this is how he uses it at home too. So most of the time, he would pee, poop and mark there when we go. Yay!

Did you know they have hooks like this around the cafe’s walls so that you can keep your dogs leashed when needed such as when you’re having your meals? I totally didn’t notice them until the staff pointed it to us when @weliveinaflat was trying to keep Donna on the leash during one of our visits 😛

Chicken Bolognese – $14.8


Space: 4/5  – However, many blind spots blocked by furniture if your dog runs around freely at the indoor. They have a few tables available at the outdoor area which has fences, so no worries to off leash your dogs too.
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: 3/5 – Cheapest around $15 and above for a main course and canned drink
Taste: 3/5 – So far the main courses that I have tried are not really to my liking. However, do try their Lava Cake!


Ah B Cafe

Address: Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000
Tel: 68111408

Opening Hours:
Close on Monday
Tue – Fri: 1:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm



@parislepetite‘s humans ordered a feast from Pawlicious that is right next door from Ah B Cafe! They provide delivery service to you at Ah B Cafe if you’re not sitting at their place.



Our latest visit there was with @parislepetite and @cudtlez_babyboy!

Transportation with Cookie

Although I bring Cookie out almost every weekends, we do not have our own transport. So we rely on cabs almost every time. We’re lucky we have friends like @mangothesheltie, @weliveinaflat@kookysheltie and @yurithelabrador that doesn’t mind giving us a lift occasionally when we head out together that does not only save us a huge amount of transport fee, but allow us to head to places that we have to worry if there’s any transport back after, such as after swimming, Sentosa and Green Corridor.

And on days we have to take transport on ourselves, what do we do?


photo from cdgtaxi.com.sg

When we first started going out to meet friends regularly, we book cabs from Comfort. But we stopped using it after being exposed to more choices.

As much as there are more cabs under Comfort, so the chances of us getting a cab will be higher and faster, we have to call through the operator which usually takes very long to get through especially during peak hours. Also, the most common feedback we got from the drivers that picked us up were that the operators didn’t tell them that there will be a dog despite me reminding the operator to ‘please let the driver know I have a medium dog on leash with me’

So sometimes, we have to face unhappy driver throughout the journey because they didn’t have a choice but to pick us up and feel cheated. Most of our experience with Comfort are pretty pleasant though!

Tel: 65521111
Rates and Charges: https://www.cdgtaxi.com.sg/commuters_services_rates.mvn?cid=861345


photo from grabtaxi.com

We then started using GrabTaxi that allows us to book cabs with usual cab charges through the app and have the option to leave a remark for the drivers notifying them that we have a dog. We had pleasant experience initially until I think the competitiveness starts to get really tough, so when a request is available, the drivers fight to accept it as soon as possible without reading our remark regarding the dog.

After a few times of having Malay drivers getting our booking, and drivers that rejected us upon reaching and saw that we have a dog, I started contacting the drivers once they accepted our booking to notify them of the dog despite that I have already stated it during the booking. Which thankfully I did as many of them said they didn’t saw the remark and some of them would request me to cancel the booking.

GrabTaxi became our second choice when we couldn’t get any drivers from Uber as they still have many cabs available compared to Uber.



We Live in A Flat‘s experience with GrabTaxi:  http://weliveinaflat.com/blog/dog-taxi-cab/


photo from facebook.com/UberSingapore

Our current first choice whenever we head out now! It is also an app booking. There’s an option to choose if you want to request for private cars under Uber which is uberX or normal cabs. We usually opt for uberX when there’s one as I find that uberX’s drivers are much more friendly and eager when I called to notify them that I have a dog. Most of them always reply with ‘Sure! No problem! Why not?’ rather than feeling forced to pick us up. We even have Malay Uber drivers accepting us! Yay! Also, there are no booking fees for uberX! Double Yay!  One thing to note, payment option is only available with credit/debit cards.

If you have not tried Uber and you’re keen to try, key in this promo code under Promotion to be entitled to $10 off for your first ride – ‘uberchenelinn

uberX charges:

Off Peak:
Base Fare – $3.50
Per Minute – $0.24
Per Kilometer – $0.40
Minimum Fare – $8
Cancellation Fee – $6 (after 5 mins of your initial request)
Monday – Friday: 5pm – 10am, Saturday/Sunday: All day
Base Fare – $3.50
Per Minute – $0.30
Per Kilometer – $0.50
Minimum Fare – $8
Cancellation Fee – $6 (after 5 mins of your initial request)

photo from facebook.com/pawprintz.sg

If we have multiple dogs to share a transport with, we will opt for PawPrintz whom is specially catered to fetch dogs! As his vehicle is a van with seats at the back, there are ample space in the middle for the dogs to lie around. It’s the opposite for my case though. Cookie is the one sitting on the seats while I sit on the floor *sigh. However, PawPrintz require confirmation in advance. So impromptu outings will be a no-go. Good thing is we can get our transport planned so we can go places that we won’t usually go as it’s hard to get transport back such as again, Sentosa and Green Corridor.

I love Paw Printz’s vehicle the best out of all the other transports due to the space! However, do note as they specializes in transporting dogs, their rates are higher than normal cabs.

For 1 human and 1 dog:
First 3KM – $20
Subsequent 1KM – $1 (continue as $1 per KM for return trip)
Additional stops – $5 / stop
Additional human – $5 / pax
Additional dog – $3 / 4 /5 (small, medium, large)
Tel: 91299270


Here are some other pet transports that we have yet to try but enquired before:

DawkStar – 82019789
Per Trip: $25 (additional stop count as per trip as well)
Additional dog: $10
No additional charge for humans
Peak hour surcharge (Sunday) – $10
Doggy Magic – 96136865
Pets Sunday – 91182996
Round Trip -$40 to $60 (for 2 humans & 2 dogs)
Additional human – $5 / pax
Additional dog – $5 / dog

Let me know if you have tried any of the mentioned transports! Share with me your experience. And if you know of any other transports, do share with me so I can add it on in this post (:



And here’s where Cookie sits when we take transports from cabs and uberX! He used to sit on my lap but I always land with bruises due to his heavy body and finger nails. There will also be some fur on the seats despite me trying my best to avoid him touching the seats. So to make him more comfortable and more pleasant rides for both us and the drivers, I switched him to sitting on the floor.


Looking much more secure and comfortable than being on my lap! He can also lie down freely when he’s tired after our outings. No more fur on the seats too! It also increases our chance of drivers accepting our booking upon knowing he will be on the floor despite not being in a cage or carrier. It also doesn’t hurt to assure the driver that your dog will be well behaved on the car, won’t jump around and pee / poo inside 😛

Being extra friendly with the drivers not only make the trip more pleasant, it also helps to create chances for other dog owners to have higher rate of successfully getting a booking made too! Because if your driver had a great time fetching you, chances are he will continue to accept more bookings with dogs! So SMILEEEEE~

Our Foobler Journey!

During Dogs Of Instagram SG’s Halloween Gathering (which I’ve yet to post #opps), on 25th October 2014 we received a Foobler from Nekojam for Cookie to try it out. So blessed to have the opportunity to be one of the first to have a Foobler, and it’s a gift from sweet Debrah as well! But… we’re one of the last few to post about it (actually, I think we’re the last #doubleopps) because unlike some of the dogs that instantly clicked with the Foobler, Cookie took quite awhile to be comfortable with it and much less, know the concept of the Foobler.

So, we’re finally here to post about Cookie’s journey with the Foobler, and how the human, me tried different ways to help and guide Cookie learn to play with the Foobler.


The Foobler Timed Interactive Dog Toy

The Foobler is a timed, interactive, and self-reloading puzzle toy for dogs. A dog’s natural instinct is to hunt, forage, and work for its food. The Foobler keeps their minds engaged, and is perfect for dog owners who have to leave their dogs for extended periods of time, keeping your pet entertained, happier, healthier and mentally stimulated; preventing an array of behavioural problems such as destructive chewing.

The Foobler contains 6 food pods within the main body, that hold up to 2 cups of food or treats, and can be set to release every 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes– That’s up to 9 hours of play time, and a full day’s meal. A real, metal bell, installed within the Foobler, rings to signal play time. It comes apart easily for cleaning, runs on 2 AA batteries, and can be used by dogs of all sizes. Fooblers will fit treats or kibble of size below 3/4″ (1.9CM).

For a start, I placed the Foobler around Cookie whenever he goes and when he sleep at night so that he’ll get used to the Foobler’s existence. Then, I placed some dehydrated treats in, infront of him then rolled the Foobler around to show him how it works, that by pushing the Foobler, there will be foods coming out.

Well… he gets the idea soon enough, but he wasn’t motivated to play with the Foobler on his own and instead, wait for me to push it then he’ll follow the Foobler behind to pick up the treats it dropped ._.

So, I decided to up the treats to chicken breast meats from his dinner, and place them inside the Foobler. One hungry dog wouldn’t say no to meats right? True that! He started to nudge it a little on his own and I helped by aligning the hole to match the outer hole so that the treats will drop out easier.

After a couple of times of using his dinner and chicken breast meats, I decided to downgrade the treats back to dehydrated treats and it’s a hit and miss thing with that spoilt fat fluffball. When he feels lazy, he still ignore the Foobler…

But now, he finds it so easy to whack the Foobler around that I made it harder by not aligning the holes straight like before and he still does it well!

Proud Cookie is proud that he conquered the Foobler and is officially a #fooblerallstars!

It took Cookie around a few weeks to finally play a Foobler like how it should be played, so if you’re concerned about your dog not playing it well, don’t be. All you need is some time, and provide some help & guidance for your dog. Some dogs are simply more wary of new toys or just not very motivated to work for treats (like Cookie until he knows how, and it became easy)

We still have some work to do as I have yet to include the batteries and teach him to link the bell to treats dispense time as I don’t intend to let him play it unsupervised because our house is not Foobler friendly with lots of places the Foobler can be trapped at.

Here’s some videos from different period within November of Cookie with the Foobler! From gentle, unsure to confident & #justwhackonly violent dog. You can just watch the first and last video for the improvement actually.

2nd November 2014

12th November 2014

19th November 2014

30th November 2014

How do we feel about the Foobler?

I love it a lot! It helps Cookie to work for the treats as he have to chase it around. Any form of walking is still an exercise opportunity for Cookie! It also help as a slow feeding process if I uses it for Cookie’s dinner. Which is good for dogs that eats really fast! I think Cookie love it too because it’s the only toy and only time that dispense lots of treats like buffet! He don’t even get that much during our trainings 😛

What varieties of treats we put in?

  • Our homemade special kind of dehydrate treats so that the size can fit the Foobler! https://somewhitecookie.wordpress.com/2014/08/31/new-dehydrated-treats/
  • Normal cooked chicken breasts, cut to suitable size
  • Kibbles
  • Fruits, cut to suitable size
  • Mini Salmon & Chicken balls made to fit the Foobler as it’s round, it’s easier to roll out (best for starter!)
  • Primal’s freeze dried Turkey Liver

Basically any foods that is not sticky and small enough!

Here’s something good and the best chance for you to get a Foobler now if you haven’t!


photo credit: Nekojam

The Green Foobler is the prefect gift this Christmas to smarten up your pooch this festive season.

Show friends, guests and relatives how intelligent your pet can be.
What’s more, the Foobler can still be used after Christmas, unlike some coniferous tree located in the middle of your living room.

From now till 31 December 2014, the green Foobler is going on sale now at $54.90!
Hurry, While Stocks Last!
Follow this link to purchase. http://nekojam.com/shop/foobler-timed-interactive-dog-toy/

Cookie says Thank you to Nekojam for the generosity and he won’t let you guys down and shall continue to work hard to be the #fooblerallstars!

A Day at Wagging Rights!

We headed to Wagging Rights yesterday for a short visit! It was the human’s second visit while it was Cookie’s first. Headed together with Mango The Sheltie  since they are going grooming, while we’ll be there to take some photos. Also took the chance to observe if Cookie does well in an unfamiliar place with other dogs around.

A relaxed and smiley furball is a good sign!

By the way, did you know Wagging Rights is an almost one-stop centre for dogs? That includes Daycare, Grooming, Dog Foods, Training and Pet Concierge.


Wagging Rights offer leash-free run for the dogs, with a big and spacious area for the dogs. They have a separate area for the smaller dogs which is really great. So that different sizes of dogs can enjoy, and not being stressed about other dogs, and does not need to have to be caged up simply because of that reason.

Did you spot the pet treadmill behind? Cookie got a chance to try it. And I think I might get a treadmill for him in the future! Say hi to fit Cookie!

Treat robber spotted!

Did you think that their daycare is simply about running around with other dogs? Yay to ALL kinds of toys!


There’s a big glass windows placed by the smaller enclosure where we get to see what is going on inside. Mango The Sheltie has been going back to them ever since his mommy adopted him. So I guess that is already an unspoken positive review!

Dog Food

My favorite part! As Cookie’s main diet is homemade food, it got me really interested that they offer Homemade Gourmet Dog Food (both cookied and uncooked!) where owners can simply buy off from the freezer and heat up on their own. Such convenience! They currently have four kinds of meat, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Each portion is currently weighing at 250g, but! A new improved packaging is launching soon and the portion will be decreased to 200g each.

Wagging Rights: 

Chicken Terrine (Available in cooked, uncooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with whole chicken breast, oven roasted pumpkins, steamed chinese cabbage & peas, and juicy cantaloupes.

Posh Pulled Pork (Available in cooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with pork medallions, on a sauté of spinach, topped with steamed french beans, grilled red peppers and delicious apples.

Shepherd’s Lamb Stew (Available in cooked, uncooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with spring lamb, grilled sweet potatoes, a sauté of courgettes & chinese cabbage, accompanied with bosc pear.

Sunday Roast Beef (Available in cooked, uncooked, with grain and grain-free versions)
It is made with ground shoulder of farm-raised beef, a sauté of broccoli & carrots, topped with watermelon cubes and mildly sweet blueberries.”

If it’s your first time heading there, lookout for the striking blue walls. Not very hard to miss, I’m sure!

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

The first thing that will greet you (other than the sounds of barking that welcomes you!) Products for sale! Did I not said it’s a one-stop centre?

What’s going on?

They are currently having a 20% promotion for the daycare until end of this month:

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

Wagging Rights: “Socialise, play and exercise your pooch from as low as $28 a day (Small breed daycare R.R.P: $35). Hurry, as this 20% discount for all our first-time customers is only valid till 30 October 2014. Terms and conditions apply.”

And also, offer on their gourmet dog food!

Photo Credit: Wagging Rights

Wagging Rights: “Who says eating healthy is costly? Now you can feed your dog some nutritious food with prices as low as $48 for 5kg (R.R.P: $60). Hurry, as prices are valid till 30 October 2014.”

Other facts!

Wagging Rights is also coming up with something new! A Get Fit Programme for the dogs, which sparks my interest as Cookie is overweight, and I’m having a hard time helping him shed them off!

They also uses positive reinforcement on the dogs with Michelle Chan from Pup Pup N Away joining the forces. Another yay for me because we’re starting our training classes with Michelle! What’s there to be worried if I were to place Cookie with Wagging Rights for daycare when they are trained by Michelle, our trainer!

Wagging Rights

337 Joo Chiat Road

Singapore 427590

Operating hours: 9AM – 6PM

Phone 6447 0335
Email woof@wagging-rights.com
Website http://www.wagging-rights.com/

Wagging Rights kindly let me place Cookie there while I headed for lunch with Mango’s mama for an hour. And I’m told Cookie is pretty much ok except that he doesn’t play with other dogs. At least he did okay! And he didn’t bark for me continuously except when I left. Also, he didn’t embarrassed me by peeing everywhere like what he did at cafes! He actually did his business on the pee pad. #proudmamamoment  

I would say Cookie is comfortable there and with the people. He actually lie down next to Sam (one of the bosses) whom he just met for less than half a day while we talked! Another plus point!

Can’t wait to head back there again!